Embracing Sustainability: Our Proactive Measures for a Greener Future

Our Commitment

At Fernland, we recognise the importance of safeguarding our environment and are dedicated to minimising our ecological footprint. We understand that our daily operations can have lasting consequences, and we are committed to implementing responsible practices to mitigate environmental impacts.

Environmental Stewardship Initiatives:

  1. Transitioning to an Electric Forklift Fleet
    Eliminating gas-powered equipment for a cleaner, quieter workspace
  2. Harnessing Solar Power
    Installing a 30 kWh solar system to reduce dependence on fossil fuel-based energy sources and supply 50% of our electricity needs
  3. Implementing Eco-Friendly Delivery Solutions
    Using "Adblue" additive in our diesel vehicles to significantly decrease harmful exhaust emissions
  4. Prioritising Sustainable Packaging
    Switching to recycled cardboard cartons for fertiliser transport, replacing heavy-duty plastic
  5. Optimising Water Usage
    Installing an automatic, rain-sensor-equipped watering system for our lawn to conserve water
  6. Reducing Energy Consumption
    Upgrading to LED lighting throughout our facilities
  7. Harvesting Roofwater
    Collecting and utilising roof water for flushing toilets, promoting water conservation
  8. Promoting Waste Segregation and Recycling
    Providing separate bins for general and recyclable waste, ensuring proper disposal
  9. Ensuring Equipment Efficiency
    Regularly servicing air conditioning, water coolers, and other amenities to maintain optimal performance and reduce energy consumption
  10. Focusing on Fuel-Efficient Fleet Vehicles
    Prioritising fuel efficiency when purchasing vehicles, incorporating hybrid/electric options into our fleet
  11. Encouraging Reuse and Recycling
    Reusing pallets and cardboard cartons whenever possible and providing onsite recycling facilities for cardboard and other recyclable materials

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