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Spring is nearly here, the weather is starting to warm up and hopefully your grass is starting to grow! While we are all looking forward to that glowing green summer lawn, it is also coming up to the time of year where the dreaded lawn grub (lawn armyworm) could decimate your prize patch of turf.Read More
16 Aug 2021 10:51:30 am By Dale Parsons Latest News
Set to revolutionise food and fibre production on a global scale, Sero-X is a non-toxic, bee-friendly world-first plant extract bio-pesticide designed to offer an effective organic alternative to traditional synthetic pesticides. Sero-X is dedicated to improving crop quality and saving one bee at a time!Read More
3 Aug 2021 8:27:38 am By Dale Parsons Latest News Product Updates
Join Michael to find out when you need a lawn renovation and the steps involved...Read More
4 Dec 2020 10:11:00 am By Dale Parsons Latest News
Join Michael to learn how the type of soil beneath your lawn impacts how you should care for and maintain your lawn...Read More
27 Nov 2020 10:11:00 am By Dale Parsons Latest News
Its 3 weeks post lawn renovation... Join Michael as he explains which fertilisers we used to help the lawn bounce back.Read More
20 Nov 2020 10:11:00 am By Dale Parsons Latest News
Its been 1 week since the lawn renovation... Join Michael as he explains what we've been doing since then to ensure our lawn will bounce back looking better than ever.Read More
13 Nov 2020 10:11:00 am By Dale Parsons Latest News
READY... SET... Renovation Time! Watch as we renovate the lawn outside Fernland with the help of Complete Turf Renovations. We'll give you a great overview of work that can be done to your lawn to put it on the path towardsRead More
6 Nov 2020 10:11:00 am By Dale Parsons Latest News
Join Michael on the Fernland Turf VLOG and Ben from Complete Turf Renovations as we discuss what is involved in a lawn renovation. Don't forget to look out for the next video where we show you a time-lapse of the renovation process...Read More
30 Oct 2020 10:11:23 am By Dale Parsons Latest News
Join Michael on his Turf VLOG as we perform a renovation on the lawn out the front of our warehouse. You'll learn about the benefits of a renovation, what fertilisers and chemicals to use, and much much more.Read More
22 Oct 2020 9:56:00 am By Dale Parsons test, Latest News
Over that last 40 years, Fernland has enjoyed serving you as a valued client. For over 35 years now, our horticultural structures division (Fernland Constructions) has enjoyed providing market-leading, quality horticultural structures. We have made some exciting changes in this area of our business, including the decision to rebrand – providing focus, clarity and a better experience for you.Read More
5 Sep 2020 1:06:34 pm By Dale Parsons Latest News
The COVID-19 pandemic has driven us into a period of unprecedented restriction – fraught with challenges such as loneliness and boredom from isolation and travel restriction; economic/financial pressures; access to fresh foods; and perhaps even the challenge of retaining our sanity and well-being...Read More
18 Apr 2020 2:39:00 pm By Dale Parsons Latest News
Fernland has been closely monitoring the spread of COVID-19 throughout Australia, and we want to assure you we view this seriously and are adopting precautions and advice from the Department of Health, World Health Organisation (WHO), local and state health authorities.Read More
18 Mar 2020 1:43:53 pm By Dale Parsons Latest News
Everything you need to know about turf and lawn top dressingRead More
10 Oct 2018 2:54:42 pm By Dale Parsons Latest News
With ever-improving technologies and environmental changes, it’s more important than ever for green industry professionals to stay up-to-the-moment on nutrition research, bio-controls, and innovative ways to use familiar products.Read More
5 Oct 2018 8:54:54 am By Growth Products Latest News
Incidents of spray drift damage attributed to 2,4-D have been reported for a number of years, and as of 3 October 2018, APVMA (Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority) have issued new 2,4-D label instructions and old labels have been suspended.Read More
4 Oct 2018 1:45:00 pm By Dale Parsons Latest News Product Updates
Hello! We're back and raring to go... and, its our 40th Anniversary! From humble beginnings way back in 1978 to where we are now, it's been a fantastic journey; with a lot of hard work and a bit of fun along the way, we're still here and we've arrived in 2018 fully intact, and its because of you, our customers – thank you, you've been amazing!Read More
2 Jan 2018 5:23:00 pm By Dale Parsons Latest News
Do you know the difference between slow-release and controlled-release fertilisers? Although these terms are sometimes used interchangeably, the terms ‘slow-release fertiliser’ (SRF) and ‘controlled-release fertiliser’ (CRF) strictly do not mean the same thing – even though both do release plant nutrients at a slower rate than when highly-soluble conventional or ‘straight’ fertilisers are used. For those who are unclear of these differences, we hope that the following simplified explanation of these distinctions will be both interesting and informative – and explain the different manner in which each of these two classes of fertiliser releases plant nutrients.Read More
Are you interested in saving money and working more efficiently? The Verde-Cal range of soil amendments, distributed exclusively by Fernland throughout Australia, represents opportunities for all Golf and Sporting clubs, Lawn care professionals, Landscapers and Growers to improve the soil profile, save money, time and ultimately get accustomed to working with healthier turf.Read More
4 Apr 2017 4:31:08 pm By Dale Parsons Latest News

Controlled Release Fertiliser

What is the difference between the many Controlled Release Fertilisers available these days? How do we work out which one gives us the best value?

Read More
20 Nov 2015 12:00:00 am By Dale Parsons Latest News

Syngenta are pleased to announce that BARRICADE Herbicide is now registered for use in garden beds (under mulch) and potted plants in nurseries, public open spaces and residential or commercial gardens.

Previously under an APVMA permit, the new registration allows greater rate flexibility, along with a wider use outside nursery stock.

Read More
5 Aug 2015 2:20:00 pm By Dale Parsons Latest News
Fernland has moved into our new premises at 31-35 Paulger Flat Road, Yandina Qld 4561Read More
12 Oct 2012 10:52:00 am By Dale Parsons Latest News