Press Release: Fernland Unveils FloraTech Rejuvenate

Press Release: Fernland Unveils FloraTech Rejuvenate

Revolutionising Plant and Soil Health in Professional Horticulture and Turf Care

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Fernland, a trusted name in the professional horticulture and turf care industry, is proud to announce the launch of FloraTech Rejuvenate, a groundbreaking product poised to transform plant and soil health management practices across nurseries, turf care, and broader agricultural sectors.

Revolutionary Formulation for Root Enhancement and Plant Rejuvenation

FloraTech Rejuvenate stands out with its unique, comprehensive formulation, developed with the specific needs of industry professionals in mind. It's more than just a growth enhancer; it's a holistic solution designed to promote robust root development and rejuvenate plant health.

Biostimulant Properties for Enhanced Growth

The product features biostimulant properties tailored to stimulate root growth, thus laying the foundation for optimal plant development. This aspect is crucial in ensuring a strong start for plants in various settings, including turf, nurseries, and agriculture.

Seaweed Extract and Humate: A Synergy for Plant and Soil Vitality

Incorporating seaweed extract, FloraTech Rejuvenate is enriched with growth hormones and essential micronutrients, vital for cultivating a vigorous root system and enhancing overall plant resilience. Additionally, the inclusion of Humate plays a pivotal role in improving soil structure, boosting nutrient uptake, and enhancing water retention, creating a thriving environment for plants.

Support During Critical Growth Stages

Understanding the challenges plants encounter, particularly during critical stages such as transplanting, FloraTech Rejuvenate includes an organic nutrient complex. This complex is specifically designed to support plants through these crucial periods, ensuring rapid establishment and robust growth.

Beneficial for the Soil Ecosystem

FloraTech Rejuvenate extends its benefits to soil health. The formula's microbial metabolites promote a healthy soil ecosystem, improving nutrient availability and root health. The blend of essential vitamins and protein-building blocks further contributes to robust plant development and resilience.

Ease of Integration and Compatibility

Designed for convenience, FloraTech Rejuvenate seamlessly integrates into existing fertigation systems. It's compatible with a broad range of fertilisers and pesticides, offering versatility in plant care routines.

Commitment to Sustainability

Aligned with sustainable practices, FloraTech Rejuvenate's organic-based, nutrient-rich formulation is beneficial for plants, soil, and the planet.

A Versatile Solution for Diverse Applications

Ideal for applications ranging from sports turf management to greenhouse cultivation and hydroponic systems, FloraTech Rejuvenate exemplifies Fernland's dedication to exceeding industry standards with innovative, effective solutions.

A Personal Invitation from Nick at Fernland

"With my extensive experience in the field, I've witnessed numerous products emerge and fade away. However, FloraTech Rejuvenate distinguishes itself with its proven efficacy and versatility," says Nick from Fernland. "I invite you to experience the remarkable benefits of this exceptional product, available exclusively at Fernland. Join us in our journey towards healthier plants and soils!"

About Fernland 

Fernland is a leading provider of quality products and solutions in the professional horticulture and turf care industry. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, Fernland continues to serve and support the growing needs of professionals across various sectors.

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