Nursery Weed Control with Barricade Herbicide

Nursery Weed Control with Barricade Herbicide

Video Transcript

Hello, my name is Patrick Gorman, your Agronomist here at Fernland.

Today, I want to introduce you to a game-changing product for your weed management strategy—Barricade Herbicide.

As anyone running a nursery knows, weeds can be a thorn in your side. They disrupt the growth and salability of your plants, demanding time you'd rather spend on more rewarding tasks.

Barricade sets itself apart with its long-lasting, pre-emergent control of a wide range of troublesome weeds. You can enjoy up to six months of peace of mind with just a single application per season.

The beauty of Barricade is in its liquid formulation—easy to use and low-odour. Plus, it's safe on your established plants, reducing the risk of any phytotoxicity. Once applied, it binds to the top 1-2 cm of soil, creating an effective, long-term barrier against weed intrusion.

The flexibility of Barricade's application window means you can apply well before weed germination, and you can delay the wash-in for a few days without compromising its effectiveness. This leads to fewer applications and, ultimately, less time spent managing weeds.

And let's not forget, Barricade is exempt from poison scheduling. That means less risk to your workers and minimal disruption to your community.

As always, please trial on your more sensitive lines before broadly applying.

Feel free to reach out to myself or any of my colleagues here at Fernland for more information on Barricade Herbicide. Thank you for your time.


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