Introducing FloraTech's Advanced Wetting Agents: AquaPro, AquaSport, and AquaFirm

Introducing FloraTech's Advanced Wetting Agents: AquaPro, AquaSport, and AquaFirm

In our quest to continuously innovate and provide the best for your turf areas, we are thrilled to introduce our latest additions to the FloraTech range - the  AquaProAquaSport, and AquaFirm. Our new products are specifically designed to optimise your watering regime, reduce disease pressure, and maintain your turf and playing surface's health throughout the year.

FloraTech AquaPro - Advanced Liquid Wetting Agent

The  FloraTech AquaPro is a state-of-the-art wetting agent engineered for superior monthly residual wetting and enhanced longevity. It's uniquely formulated to disperse dew and rain, helping minimise disease pressure during the late summer and autumn months.

Features and Benefits:

  • Exceptional residual wetting performance
  • Low 10L/Ha application rate
  • Uniform moisture distribution across your turf
  • Proven to prevent and reduce localised dry patch (LDP)
  • Revives areas already suffering from LDP
  • Reduces soil hydrophobicity for improved water infiltration and root growth
  • Long-lasting penetrant that withstands heavy rain and alleviates standing water
  • Decreases the risk of fungal diseases during late summer and autumn with its dew dispersal properties

FloraTech AquaSport - Liquid Wetting Agent

The  FloraTech AquaSport is a high-performance non-ionic wetting agent designed specifically to combat localised dry patch (LDP) on sports turf. Its powerful formulation lowers the interfacial tension between water and other substrates, ensuring an even water distribution throughout the soil profile.

Features and Benefits:

  • Effectively treats and prevents LDP for healthier, hydrated sports turf
  • Contains a unique surfactant formula that aids the initial spread into the root zone
  • Non-phytotoxic formula, safe for plants and grass
  • Non-scorch formula protects your turf from scorching or damage
  • Excellent compatibility with other soil chemicals and fertilisers
  • Potential to conserve water and reduce consumption, providing a sustainable solution
  • Maximises the effectiveness of various soil chemicals and fertilisers

FloraTech AquaFirm - Advanced Liquid Penetrant

The  FloraTech AquaFirm is a potent surfactant that promotes water infiltration and resists biodegradation, ensuring extended longevity in the root zone. Designed to maintain optimal surface tension and water infiltration properties, AquaFirm helps to prevent soil-related issues and keep your turf in top condition throughout the year.

Features and Benefits:

  • Offers long-lasting performance
  • Resists biodegradation and bioaccumulation
  • Enhances water infiltration and reduces localised waterlogging
  • Helps create a more even playing surface
  • Supports aerobic conditions in the soil during autumn and winter
  • Highly concentrated formulation for easy application

Our latest FloraTech wetting agent range, which includes AquaPro, AquaSport, and AquaFirm, has been carefully engineered to offer top-tier solutions to meet the needs of sports turf and landscaping professionals. We are confident that our innovative products will help you maintain your turf and playing surfaces at their best, regardless of the season.

Upgrade your turf care routine with FloraTech's new product range. Discover a difference you can see and feel with FloraTech.


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