Customer Feedback: Stan Walkley

Customer Feedback: Stan Walkley

Stan is a long term valued client of Fernland, we caught up with him for a quick interview at our industry trade day for 2022.

Thank you for your feedback Stan, on behalf of the team it's always a pleasure working with you.

Testimonial Transcript

My name is Stan Walkley and I've been in the nursery game for 48 years. I own a tree farm at Burpengary - Plantation 2000.

I've been working with Fernlands now for probably at least 35 years, and I purchase potting media, the coir peat, bamboo stakes, chemicals. and any other related products.

They're just a really good company to deal with - always have been. Everybody involved in the company seems to be very good to deal with.

Fernlands definitely stands out as being a very good company. I didn't know you had any competitors!

Yeah, it's surprising how big the company has become over the years, and how many people actually look after in Australia.

I'd rate Fernland at least eight or nine out of ten. You couldn't wish for any better service than you get from Fernland.

Well, it's the actual convenience. It's not far from where I live and all that sort of thing, so I can just call in and grab stuff when I need it, which is very helpful. Been a good experience. Never had a problem with the service, and the deliveries have always been on time. Fernland is a very well-run business.


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