Nursery Weed Control with Specticle Herbicide

Nursery Weed Control with Specticle Herbicide

Video Transcript

Hello, my name is Patrick Gorman, your Agronomist here at Fernland. 

Today, we're diving into another product that will help you in your battle against nursery weeds—Specticle Herbicide

Due to frequent herbicide applications and manual weeding, hard-to-control weeds like fleabane drive up labour costs in ornamental production nurseries. The search for sustainable weed management solutions is ongoing, and that's where Specticle comes in. 

Specticle is a ground-breaking herbicide that sets new benchmarks for pre-emergent weed control in bare-ground areas of your nursery. This includes spaces under potted plants, along driveways, and around structures like benches and buildings. 

So, what makes Specticle unique? It offers up to 8 months of control when applied before weed seed germination. That's serious long-lasting action against both grass and broadleaf weeds, helping you to cut down on labour and the associated costs. 

Specticle has been trialled right here in Australia, with excellent results across different nursery settings, and its extremely low application rate of 375 mL per hectare or 7.5 mL per 10 litres of water makes it especially attractive. It's available in pack sizes of 250 mL and 1 litre, providing a broad coverage area for your nursery needs. 

One more thing—Specticle offers a different mode of action compared to many other herbicides. This is crucial for breaking the cycle of weed resistance, making it a valuable part of your weed management strategy. 

As always, please trial on your more sensitive lines before broadly applying. For more information on Specticle Herbicide, please get in touch with me or any of my colleagues at Fernland. Thank you for your time, and let's make your nursery a weed-free zone!


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