Press Release: Biota Nutri Appoints Fernland as Distributor in Australia


Fernland, May 16th, 2023

Biota Nutri Appoints Fernland
as Distributor in Australia

Fernland, a leading provider of horticultural products in Australia, is pleased to announce a new exclusive distribution agreement with Biota Nutri BV, a leading producer of organic fertiliser in the Netherlands.

Under the new partnership, Fernland will become the exclusive distributor for Biota Nutri’s plant-based products in Australia, bringing the first Organic and Vegan-Friendly Liquid Fertiliser to the Australian market.

“Biota Nutri’s values align with ours, and their organic fertilisers will be a game-changer in the Australian market,” says a spokesperson for Fernland. “We’re proud to introduce these high-quality, vegan-friendly organic products to Australian growers.”

This new partnership aims to help reshape the Australian horticultural industry, encouraging more sustainable practices and offering consumers effective and environmentally responsible products. Fernland and Biota Nutri are committed to delivering the best in sustainable horticulture, and this collaboration is a testament to that shared mission.

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About Fernland
Fernland is a market-leading provider of horticultural solutions in Australia. Founded in 1978 and headquartered on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Fernland is dedicated to supporting sustainable farming and gardening practices by providing innovative and eco-friendly products to its customers.

About Biota Nutri
Biota Nutri is a producer and supplier of organic fertiliser in the Netherlands. Since its founding in 2017, Biota Nutri has dedicated itself to a circular economy that maximises the reusability of products and raw materials and minimises value destruction. Their mission includes making healthy and organic food more accessible, transforming waste streams into residual streams, and creating new products from them.

Fernland – Ph: +61-7-5454-8800
Biota Nutri – Ph: +31-85-047-5710


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