New Product Launch: Biota Vegaline & Biota Calcium

New Product Launch: Biota Vegaline & Biota Calcium

Today, we are thrilled to introduce an innovative product line that is set to redefine the standards of organic farming:  Biota Vegaline Liquid Fertilisers & Biota Calcium. These groundbreaking solutions are the first of their kind in Australia, providing an Organic, and Vegan-Friendly option to boost your crop yield and quality.

Sustainable, Vegan, and Efficient Crop Nutrition

The Biota Vegaline fertilisers are unique in the market, being entirely sourced from plant-based materials and agricultural residual streams. This process not only ensures a vegan-friendly product but also contributes to a sustainable cycle in agriculture, promoting an eco-conscious approach to professional farming.

The Biota Vegaline range includes  Vegaline 1Vegaline 2, and Vegaline 3, each designed to support your crops through their unique growth phases. These fertilisers provide a balanced combination of essential elements, including magnesium and trace elements, for optimal growth of horticultural and agricultural crops.

Rapid and Effective Nutrient Delivery

Biota Vegaline fertilisers are specifically formulated for both irrigation and foliar application. Their liquid form allows for immediate nutrient availability, providing a timely nutrient boost for crops under stress or suffering from mineral deficiency.

Enhancing Soil Health

In addition to providing plant nutrition, these fertilisers actively nurture the soil. The organic compounds (proteins, amino acids, and peptides) within the fertilisers slowly decompose, providing additional nutrient release and promoting microbial activity in the soil. This process enhances soil properties and improves soil structure, fostering a healthier environment for crop growth.

Supplementing Foliar Additives

Biota Vegaline fertilisers have a low content of insoluble particles, which makes them ideal for drip irrigation and foliar spray. They also function as a sticker/spreader for other foliar additives, thereby improving the effectiveness of sprays. Their non-phytotoxic properties make them safe for seedlings, transplanting, and stressed plants, where conventional fertiliser application may cause damage.

Biota Organic Certified

Introducing Biota Calcium

Alongside the Vegaline series, we're also launching  Biota Calcium. Containing 5.7% Calcium, it's designed to prevent and correct calcium deficiencies across a range of crops. Like the Vegaline range, Biota Calcium is plant-based, organic, and provides immediately available nutrients to your crops, thereby preventing physiological disorders like blossom end rot in tomatoes, bitter pit in apples, and black heart in celery.

Final Words

In conclusion, Biota Vegaline Liquid Fertilisers & Biota Calcium represent a new era in sustainable agriculture, emphasising efficiency, respect for nature, and superior crop nutrition. By incorporating these products into your farming practice, you'll be supporting a healthier ecosystem while enhancing the quality and yield of your crops.

Experience the next evolution in organic and vegan-friendly fertilising with Biota Vegaline & Biota Calcium – tailored for professionals who understand that quality growth stems from quality nutrition.

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