Nursery Weed Management Tips with Patrick

Nursery Weed Management Tips with Patrick

Video Transcript: 

Meet Patrick

Hello, my name is Patrick Gorman. I’ve recently joined Fernland as an Agronomist, and I will be looking to work closely with Fernland’s new and existing clients to grow healthy, forward-moving plants economically and sustainably.

The Challenge: Weed Management for Nursery Growers

As a Nursery Grower, I know how time-consuming and frustrating weeds and their management can be. I’ve been fortunate to work with great mentors, and now, with Fernland’s extensive range, I want to pass on some key ideas to save you time and money.

Starting Point: The Dispatch Area, Sprinklers, and Boundaries

Stopping weeds before they get into the Dispatch area starts out under the sprinklers, in the laneways and along the boundaries of our Nurseries. I have used  Specticle and Gamma together, which provide exceptional residual control that can last for up to 9 months. By applying these pre-emergent herbicides before putting pots on the ground, and along high-traffic areas, you and I can limit weed spread into and on top of pots.

Next Up: Granular Pre-Emergent Options

Next on the agenda, I would recommend some exceptional pre-emergent granules for your weed control routine.  Farmalinx's Sayonara delivers up to 6 months of residual control, while BASF's Freehand offers a reliable 3-month barrier. These options work well with most nursery lines.

If you're looking for additional choices,  Syngenta's Barricade and MacSpred's Dismiss are also worth your attention. Barricade provides up to 6 months of control, and Dismiss sustains a 3-month barrier. Incorporating these herbicides into your weed management strategy allows for a tailored approach that suits the unique needs of your nursery. As always, please trial these products on your more sensitive lines before broadly applying.

The Nitty-Gritty: Manual Weeding

Finally, and most importantly, it is critical to continue to manually remove weeds on a regular basis. I was taught the old-fashioned way to use a whiteboard and visibly record areas that had been ground sprayed, had pre-emergent applied, Spot Sprayed and Hand Weeded. If we are consistent in our approach, the time and money saved throughout the course of the year will be paramount.

Get in Touch

Please feel free to contact me or any of my colleagues regarding further information on the products discussed in this video. Thank you, and have a great day.


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