Customer Feedback: Jeff Geldard

Customer Feedback: Jeff Geldard

Jeff stopped in at Fernland HQ and gave us a few moments in front of the camera. Thanks for your feedback, greatly appreciated!

Testimonial Transcript

I'm Jeff from Landscapers Nursery. We grow advanced hedging and screening lines in super advanced 400-millimetre pot size and 300-millimetre pot sizes; instant-sized hedging plants.

So, we've been working with Fernland for upwards of actually 20 years. We buy just about everything for our production nursery that, includes things like coconut coir, fertilizers, chemicals, and other bits and pieces. It's quite a long list, actually. Fernland's products and services stand out really from the service side. Nothing is too much trouble. You can speak to a person who can answer your question pretty well straight off the bat and get very good advice and fast service, fast delivery. Nothing's too much trouble when you're buying from Fernland.

Fernland has managed to exceed my expectations in that they get back to me with helpful useful information from a real person generally quickly and with good information that helps me run my business in this time of difficult supply chains. Fernland, you know, from time to time with us have been affected, but they've tried their utmost to make sure that they look after us, and they have, more than most of our suppliers. by keeping up communication to us in this, and in the difficult times. If you were considering buying from Fernland, I would recommend it. It's a one-stop-shop for certainly anything nursery that we do, and also turf and landscape and pretty much anything ornamental horticulture. Fernland appears to be the one-stop shop.

On a scale of one to ten, I would have to give Fernland a 10. Their service absolutely blows us out of the water just about every time. They will go further than they need to on occasion when you really need that extra little bit of service, and we certainly appreciate it. One word I would use for Fernand would be 'service', and that's because it's a business that is based on great service. Fernland does make it easy, especially if we need to check on something. We can have a look at it on their website. There are lots of short videos on just about all of their products. They're quite informative, and then if we need any more information, we can pick up the phone and talk to someone.

Service and delivery with Fernland help us out a lot. Being a production nursery, we need things in a timely manner. Fernland comes to us every week if we require it. If we need any more information or we need anything to do with extra service, then we can always contact them. It's a holistic business. We don't get absolutely everything from Fernland, but they tick just about all of the boxes, and being a one-stop-shop coupled with their service, we are covered with one phone call, one email, and generally with one point of contact


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