Nursery Weed Control with Sayonara 10GR Herbicide

Nursery Weed Control with Sayonara 10GR Herbicide

Hello again, I'm Patrick Gorman, your Agronomist here at Fernland!

We all know how challenging weeds can be in a nursery setting. They're not just an annoyance; they compete with your plants for resources and can be a drain on your time and money. Today, I've got another solution to your weed woes— Sayonara 10GR Herbicide!

Sayonara is the first of its kind in Australia—a granular formulation of Prodiamine. It targets a comprehensive list of weeds, from barnyard grass to winter grass, offering excellent pre-emergent control.

The great news is that Sayonara 10GR is for more than just turf. It's now approved for use on a broad range of nursery stock under APVMA Permit. This means you can use it on ornamentals, trees, shrubs, and more. It's also suitable for both field and protected cropping situations.

What sets  Sayonara 10GR apart is its long-lasting residual control. With just a single application, you can achieve up to 6 months of control, significantly reducing the frequency of your weed management activities.

One of the advantages of Sayonara 10GR is its user-friendly granular form. This ensures an easy and even application, removing the risk of over-spraying you may have with liquid herbicides—keeping your non-target plants safe. Plus, its low application rate of 5-20g/m2 makes it efficient and cost-effective.

Sayonara offers comprehensive pre-emergent control for various weeds, making it a great asset for your nursery. If you're serious about weed management, this is a product you'll want to have on your side.

As always, please trial on your more sensitive lines before broadly applying.

For more information about Sayonara, don't hesitate to  contact me or any of my colleagues here at Fernland. Thank you for your time, and here's to a weed-free, thriving nursery.


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