Sero-X® Natural Insecticide

Sero-X® Natural Insecticide

Set to revolutionise food and fibre production on a global scale, Sero-X® is a non-toxic, bee-friendly world-first plant extract bio-pesticide designed to offer an effective organic alternative to traditional synthetic pesticides. Sero-X® is dedicated to improving crop quality and saving one bee at a time!

Having gained global scientific attention due to its astounding agricultural benefits, Clitoria Ternatea’s bio-active compounds have been developed into a cutting-edge product for the very first time in Australia, by a proudly Australian- owned and operated rural company. A milestone for global science and farmers alike, Sero-X® is the first new active constituent to ever pass the regulatory approval requirements for Australian agricultural research and development. Better still, this allows Australian growers first access to a product that is destined to reshape the industry as we know it.


  • It’s good for the bees: Did you know that bees are one of the most important creatures on Earth, for both humans and nature? Yet, with the use of toxic pesticides in modern agriculture, it should come as no surprise that our bee population is scarcer than ever before. Bees are responsible for 70% of the fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds that we eat on a daily basis. If bees become extinct, beef, dairy, corn, rice, coffee, entire food chains, animal species and a large chunk of the economy would likely go down with them. Sero-X® provides an alternative for consumers and farmers to make the choice to protect our bee population.
  • It offers a smart alternative: Sero-X® offers farmers a choice to use a non-synthetic and highly effective pesticide, without the need for harsh and toxic chemicals. Likewise, with a growing demand for organic food, Sero-X® gives consumers added benefit!
  • It supports Australian R&D: The technology behind Sero-X is a local treasure that has been discovered and developed here in Australia, supporting key research institutions and local jobs along the way.
  • It’s Australian-made: Much like the technology behind it, the plant will be grown and the product will be manufactured in regional Australia, reducing our reliance on imported products, and instead shifting the focus onto supporting local jobs.


Having worked alongside some of the industry’s most renowned scientists and research institutions, Sero-X® is the result of extensive research, tests and various trials. And here’s what it offers:

  • Safe for bees and other pollinators
  • Leading the field in natural crop protection
  • Regional Australian-owned & developed
  • Non-toxic to mammals & beneficial insects
  • An organic, non-synthetic extract with equivalent or better results than synthetic chemicals
  • Cutting-edge research in agriculture applications of Bioactive Peptides
  • Controls a broad spectrum of pests


In February 2021 Greenlife Industry Australia, through funding from Hort Innovation and the Australian Government, secured a Minor Use Permit (PER87445) for Sero-X® in; Nursery stock (non-food) – seedlings, tubes and plugs, potted colour, trees and shrubs, foliage plants, palms and grasses, and fruiting plants (non-bearing), Cut flowers and Ornamentals.  The permit has been issued for the management of Heliothis moth (Helicoverpa spp.), Silverleaf whitefly (Bemisia tabaci) and Green mirid (Creontiades dilutus).

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