Dismiss Ornamental Herbicide - Up to 3 Months Weed Control

Dismiss Ornamental Herbicide

Dismiss Ornamental Herbicide LgeDismiss™ up to 3 months weed control

Easy to apply, low dust, low odour granular formulation.

  •  Dismiss™ ornamental herbicide is a safe, most economical, cost effective pre-emergent granular herbicide which combines two tried and proven active ingredients in the one granule. This combination offers broad spectrum weed control of both broadleaf and grass weeds to a standard expected by the nursery and landscaping industry.
  • Dismiss™ ornamental herbicide provides up to 3 months weed control of over 40 different weed species in potted and open grown ornamentals.
  • Dismiss™ ornamental herbicide is packaged in convenient to use, durable plastic 10 kg and 20 kg pails and a handy screw top 1 kg container.
  • This product has exactly the same active ingredients as Rout
  • Granular carrier agent provides a more positive product application
  • Increase the aesthetic and commercial value of your potted inventory through weed free pots with Dismiss™ Ornamental Herbicide.
  • We have been receiving excellent customer feedback on this product.

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For Best Results:

  • Apply Dismiss™ evenly through a calibrated applicator or by gloved hand to moist potting medium or by overhead watering immediately after application. Do not apply to wet foliage.
  • One application will last for up to 3 months. Re-treat when the first signs of regrowth are seen but no sooner than 2 months and no later than 3 months after application.
  • Do not apply Dismiss™ ornamental herbicide 2 weeks prior to or 2 weeks after leaf bud break or during periods of flush growth. Newly formed leaves are sensitive to this product.

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