Syngenta Barricade Pre-Emergent Herbicide Update

Breakthrough in pre-emergent technology for nurseries and landscape plantings

1L Barricade BottleSyngenta are pleased to announce that BARRICADE Herbicide is now registered for use in garden beds (under mulch) and potted plants in nurseries, public open spaces and residential or commercial gardens.

Previously under an APVMA permit, the new registration allows greater rate flexibility, along with a wider use outside nursery stock.

The active ingredient in BARRICADE is new to the nursery and landscape market in Australia. BARRICADE has been registered overseas for several years, where it has become popular for its ease of use and longevity against troublesome weeds such as crowsfoot grass, crab grass, chickweed, creeping oxalis, cudweed and sow thistle.

BARRICADE is a non-staining liquid which may be applied as a topical spray to foliage followed by irrigation to wash the product into the growing media, or where canopy density is high as a soil-directed spray. As opposed to industry standards which are all spreadable granules, BARRICADE can be more accurately and easily applied by spraying.

The NDPSC (National Drugs and Poison Scheduling Committee) determined BARRICADE as exempt from scheduling which means it provides good worker safety during and following use.

It also has a good environmental profile when used as directed. Extensive testing has shown BARRICADE is safe to most nursery and landscape plant species when used as per label directions.

Longevity is the highest in the industry – up to 4 months in potted plants and up to 6 months in garden beds under mulch. For the landscape sector, BARRICADE also has registration for turf, (where it has been registered for several years for a variety of grassy weeds) making it a truly versatile product for all situations.

BARRICADE is available in 5 L and 1 L containers, the latter exclusively from Fernland Agencies.

Download the updated label here.

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