Surefire Spectrum 200SC Insecticide 250mL

Surefire Spectrum 200SC Insecticide 250mL We are pleased to let you know that, Surefire Spectrum 200SC is now available in 250mL bottles. These provide excellent value for retail customers

  • Equivalent to Confidor
  • Makes up to 1000L of ready-to-use product!

Spectrum 200SC provides excellent value for the home gardener in the 250mL bottle. It is registered to treat a number of pests such as:


Aphid, Azalea Lace Bug, Bronze Orange Bug, Citrus Mealy Bug, Fuller's Rose Weevil, Greenhouse Thrip, Harlequin Bug, Hibiscus Flower Beetle, Longtailed Mealy Bug, Psyllid Or Lerp Insect, Soft Scale, Scarab Beetle – Larva


African Black Beetle - 1st Instar Larvae, Argentinian Scarab - First Instar Larvae, Bill Bug – Larvae, Pruinose Scarab - First Instar Larvae

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