Probiotics for Plants?

Probiotics for Plants?

Probiotics for Plants?

Probiotics for Plants - Intestine

In the past 5 years,"gut health" appears to be the source for nearly every ailment going on inside our body. These are loaded with bacteria, helping our bodies to heal by increasing beneficial bacteria returning our gut to its natural state.
In precisely the exact same manner, the components in Growth Products BioNutrients Soluble AG 8-1-9 is filled with beneficial soil rhizosphere bacteria (microbes) from the billions putting them back into the soil reaping a host of health benefits for plants, plants and trees. These microbes increase availability of nutrients, provide disease resistance and boost the plant's immune system.

Over billions of disease fighting microbes, BioNutrients also have a plethora of ingredients to allow plants thrive to root faster and flourish in any environment:

  • 21 Amino Acids for tissue formation and nutrient absorption.
  • Yeast for temperature regulation and increased nutrient absorption
  • Slow Release Nitrogen for color growth and fertility
  • Potassium to modulate the plant's water pressure and encourage root volume
  • Iron for maximum absorption in chelated form
  • Kelp which contains 70 vitamins and minerals at the plant's disposal
  • Humic Acid aerate and to naturally detoxify the soil
  • Yucca to increase water penetration and nutrient absorption

Protect your plants just like you protect your gut with BioNutrients, giving your plants the exact same ingredients that heal our bodies naturally and a whole lot more!

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Check out the Growth Products' video discussing all of the ingredients and benefits of BioNutrients.


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