Essential® Plus - Enhance Rooting, Increase Turf & Plant Growth

Essential® Plus

Initiate and Enhance Rooting and Plant Growth at Every Stage of the Growing CycleEssential Plus

Essential® Plus is perfect for today's horticultural and turf market, which requires growers to meet production schedules and quality standards for at every step along the way to market. A versatile and effective organic product, Essential Plus has a wide number of applications in turf, greenhouses, shade-houses, in the field, or in hydroponics:

  • For seed germination, Essential Plus's 21 L-amino and humic acids, natural wetting agent, and gibberelic acid work together to assure a faster and higher percentage of seed germination for even the toughest crops.
  • For cuttings, Essential Plus's natural rooting substances provide a safe alternative to chemical rooting hormones like IBA and NAA. In fact, Essential's unique ingredients with auxin-like activity actually out-perform IBA in side-by-side trials for callus formation and root growth.
  • When growers are sizing-up, transplanting and re-potting, Essential Plus  helps prevent or significantly reduce transplant shock. Essential's soluble organic nutrients, sugars, L-amino acids and enzymes are easily absorbed through a plant's root system and boost the plant's metabolic activities at this critical point in production.
  • For plant care and maintenance, Essential Plus goes beyond synthetic fertilizers by providing much needed organics and biostimulants. Essential Plus is derived from the highest-quality all-natural, all-organic ingredients. It has a wider range of active ingredients than any competitor's product. Remember: Quality In ... Quality Out.

Essential Plus requires no mixing and can be applied through any type of fertigation system without fear of clogging. It is compatible with all fertilizers and pesticides, requires no special handling, and can save hours of time and labour.

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