10g FloraFert All Purpose Fertiliser Tablets now available in a 500g Tub

10g FloraFert All Purpose Fertiliser TabletsWe are pleased to release our 10g FloraFert All Purpose Fertiliser Tablets in a 500g Tub!
Hobbyists and home gardeners can now access this popular product in a viable quantity, making fertilising your plant collection or home garden one step easier...

FloraFert Planting Tablets deliver a complete spectrum of nutrients evenly and continuously to plants over approximately 8 months.

FloraFert Planting Tablet Benefits

  • Concentrated NPK analysis
  • All-purpose formulation - suitable for Australian Native Plant species
  • Full range of trace elements
  • Minimal risk of burning
  • Each plant receives an exact measured dose
  • Minimal loss from leaching
  • Zero loss from runoff
  • Saves time and labour, storage and transport costs
  • Improved growth rates due to the constant supply of nutrients over a long period of time
  • As the tablet is placed below the surface of the soil, it won't feed unestablished weeds

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