Surefire Spectrum 200SC Insecticide 250mL

Surefire Spectrum 200SC Insecticide 250mL

(200g/L Imidacloprid)

We are pleased to let you know that, Surefire Spectrum 200SC is now available in 250mL bottles. These provide excellent value for retail customers

  • Equivalent to Confidor
  • Makes up to 1000L of ready-to-use product!


Spectrum 200SC provides excellent value for the home gardener in the 250mL bottle. It is registered to treat a number of pests such as:


Aphid, Azalea Lace Bug, Bronze Orange Bug, Citrus Mealy Bug, Fuller's Rose Weevil, Greenhouse Thrip, Harlequin Bug, Hibiscus Flower Beetle, Longtailed Mealy Bug, Psyllid Or Lerp Insect, Soft Scale, Scarab Beetle – Larva


African Black Beetle - 1st Instar Larvae, Argentinian Scarab - First Instar Larvae, Bill Bug – Larvae, Pruinose Scarab - First Instar Larvae


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