Welcoming Rob Bloom

Welcoming Rob Bloom

We are thrilled to introduce a new member of our Turf Care Sales: Rob Bloom

Rob brings a wealth of experience and a deep passion for turf management that we believe will greatly complement your turf-care strategy.

Get to Know Rob

Rob Bloom

Professional Journey

  • Early Days: Rob started his career 20 years ago as a machine operator at Pelican Waters Golf Club. He quickly expanded his skill set by obtaining an ACDC license, allowing him to take on spraying duties.
  • Rapid Advancement: Rob completed an apprenticeship in record time, moving up to middle management roles such as Assistant Superintendent at various golf clubs.
  • Diverse Experience: Having worked at three different golf clubs, Rob has a well-rounded perspective on turf management. He's handled everything from irrigation systems to course layout redesigns.
  • Continuous Learning: Rob is certified by the industry and is currently pursuing a Diploma in Turf Management.

Personal Interests

  • Family Time & Community Involvement: Rob enjoys weekends with family, and being involved in Ripcity Basketball, where both his sons have played.
  • Active Lifestyle & Sports Fan: An avid golfer, fan of running and cycling, Rob stays fit and energized, while following AFL team Western Bulldogs and the NRL team Brisbane Broncos.

Views on the Industry

  • Challenges Ahead: Rob is keenly aware of the industry's future challenges, such as water sustainability and chemical regulations.
  • Focus on Turf Health: Rob believes in prioritizing turf health to meet the rising expectations generated by increased media coverage in the digital age.
  • Philosophy on Turf: For Rob, the visual appeal of turf is satisfying, but the real reward comes from the gradual improvement of playing surfaces. Whether it's enhancing grass coverage or turf health for resilience, Rob finds it rewarding to adjust programs to overcome environmental challenges.

Why Rob?

Rob's extensive experience, commitment to continuous learning, and passion for turf management make him an invaluable asset for your turf-care needs. He's not just about the aesthetics; he's about improving the health and resilience of your turf.

Get in Touch

Rob is eager to connect with you and discuss how he can support your turf-care goals. Feel free to reach out to him at or 0475 819 954.

Thank you for your continued partnership with Fernland. We're confident that Rob's expertise and enthusiasm will be a great addition to your turf-care strategy.

Kind Regards,

Nick Hutchinson
General Manager


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