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Verde-Cal Enhanced Gypsum, Lime & K-Plus

The Verde-Cal range of soil amendments, distributed exclusively by Fernland throughout Australia, represents opportunities for all Golf and Sporting clubs, Lawn care professionals, Landscapers and Growers to improve the soil profile, save money, time and ultimately get accustomed to working with healthier turf.

Are you interested in saving money and working more efficiently?

  • For every 4 bags of standard gypsum or lime you purchase, you only need to buy 1 bag of Verde-Cal.
  • Verde-Cal products require less irrigation and fewer applications - resulting in less interruption to play.
  • Verde-Cal products are very soluble, and dissolve within 8–10 minutes with just one irrigation cycle. How many times have you applied standard gypsum or lime just to collect it all when you mow?
  • Verde-Cal products get to work in the soil almost immediately while standard gypsum and lime can just sit there.
  • Verde-Cal products offer significantly better rates per hectare.
  • Which would you rather apply, 11 bags of Verde-Cal (249 kg) per hectare or 44 bags of Standard gypsum or lime (1000 kg)? 11 of course!
  • Verde-Cal products are very target-orientated and there is no need to mix with topdressing sand.
  • Verde-Cal products contain thCa™ (an organic complexing agent) which helps to dissolve the calcium to allow for better uptake and immediate availability. Standard gypsum and lime can take 2-3 years to break down.
  • Verde-Cal products contain Aqua-Aid wetting agents, ensuring the calcium applied enters the soil where it is needed, creating better nutrient movement into the soil profile. By using Verde-Cal, it conditions the main root zone where the standard gypsum or lime only treats the top, usually only 25 mm of soil.

If all of the above information has not convinced you to switch to Verde-Cal, please consider the further following benefits:

  • Verde-Cal products will save you more than money – not factoring in savings you have already made on fuel, time management, wear and tear, storage and labour, the Verde-Cal products still cost less per hectare compared with using traditional gypsum and lime applications.
  • 100% Homogenous, uniformed particle size
  • Less storage space needed. One of our bags (22.68 kg) will give you at least equal if not better results than 4 bags of standard gypsum or lime.
  • Verde-Cal products will reduce excessive salts, bi-carbonates and black layering.
  • Verde-Cal products increase photosynthesis

Introducing the range of Verde-Cal products that can be purchased exclusively in Australia from Fernland:

Verde-Cal Enhanced Lime, 90SGN

Verde-Cal Enhanced Lime 37% Calcium Enhanced with thCa™  –  22.68kg bags

  • 250 kg of Verde-Cal Enhanced Lime equates to using 1000 kg of standard lime
  • Reduces hydrogen (H), sodium (Na), and chlorine (Cl) in the plant and soil
  • Improves germination, stimulates root growth, and enhances microbial activity
  • Increases essential nutrient absorption and translocation
  • Improves soil structure (flocculation, water infiltration)
  • Supplies optimal calcium (Ca) levels to plant cells to strengthen the plants resistance to disease
  • Balances the Ca:N ratio in the plant
  • Quicker response at lower rates -  requires 1/4 the rate of standard lime per application
  • Also available in a coarse prill

View Verde-Cal Enhanced Lime Products Here

Verde-Cal Enhanced Gypsum, 85SGN

Verde-Cal Enhanced Gypsum 22% Calcium Enhanced with thCa™  –  22.68 kg bags

  • 250 kg of Verde-Cal Enhanced Gypsum equates to using 1000 kg of standard gypsum
  • Leaches excessive amounts of Sodium (Na) and Magnesium (Mg) from soil colloids
  • Supplies calcium (Ca) without raising pH
  • Helps loosen compacted, heavy clay soils
  • Excellent source of sulphate sulphur - readily available to the soil and the plant
  • Quicker response at lower rates - requires 1/4 the rate of standard gypsum per application
  • Improves soil aeration and water percolation
  • Also available in a coarse prill

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Verde-Cal K-Plus 0-0-12.5 +Ca +Mg +Fe, 85SGN

Verde-Cal K-Plus 7% Calcium Enhanced with thCa™  –  22.68 kg bags

  • Provides premium potassium (K), magnesium (Mg), calcium (Ca), iron (Fe), manganese (Mn) and humic acid.
  • Ideal source of sulphur (S)
  • Supplies calcium (Ca) without raising pH
  • Leaches excessive amounts of sodium (Na) and magnesium (Mg) from soil colloids
  • Micro particle for maximum coverage
  • Ideal for all turf and ornamentals
  • L-Amino Acids to help nutrient uptake

View Verde-Cal K-Plus Products Here

We at Fernland are particularly proud to be the exclusive distributors of Verde-Cal products throughout Australia. Aqua-Aid, located in the USA, are the manufacturers of Verde-Cal and have contributed for 30 years to water management with products to hydrate and penetrate water-repellent soils. OARS, a wetting agent manufactured by Aqua-Aid, is another of their exceptional products that, unlike other surfactants and soil amendments, will remove the build-up of hydroponic organic substances from the soil particle surface and provide 30 days of hydration. OARS is also available from Fernland.

Our turf consultants will be very happy to discuss the Verde-Cal range, how it can help you, save you money and benefit your business. We would welcome the opportunity to also discuss other items in our turf care range; our aim is to provide you with a market-leading product range, excellent industry knowledge and outstanding customer service.

Please contact our consultants, either Terry Barr (0409 162 096) or James Kenny (0437 012 291)


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