Best dressed equals topdressed

Best dressed equals top-dressed

Top quality point-of-sale presentation is the key to a competitive advantage – whatever the product. This principle is especially paramount for the nursery producer whose aim is to attract buyer attention by presenting well-grown, uniform, healthy stock.


To achieve this, it is essential to know the nutritional requirements of the various species grown – and to source the most suitable fertilisers to deliver those nutrients over the required time frame. Nutrient ratios should be selected to meet species-specific requirements, while the selected duration of nutrient release will depend on the term of growth expected in a particular container size.


The above generalisation assumes that most growers are using slow- or controlled-release fertilisers, and have a basic knowledge of the role of each major and minor (trace) element in plant physiology.


An excitingly new product has been released which incorporates both quick- and controlled-release nutrients: FLORACOTE TOPDRESS. This product is manufactured exclusively for (and distributed exclusively by) Fernland.  Here are some amazing facts and attributes:


FLORACOTE TOPDRESS is an ideal top-up to effect rapid green-up of stock when running short of adequate nutrition toward the end of the growth term. However, it also has proven benefits as a ‘starter’ fertiliser for short-term stock, landscaping and turf. In fact the product is now in huge demand by professional greenkeepers in the turf industry.


FLORACOTE TOPDRESS has an NPK ratio of 21:2:5, +1Mg + 6Fe + TE. Proven POLYONR coating technology on 80% of its nitrogen content ensures an approximate 4-month release. High iron and magnesium,  together with both quick- and controlled-release nitrogen, ensures both rapid and long-lasting green-up. The small granule size (130SGN) is dust-free and ideal for fine turf and smaller plant pots.