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Product details

Spraytech Organic Non-Ionic Adjuvant Spray

This organic non-ionic adjuvant spray contains a vegetable oil base and a unique blend of emulsifiers that promote spray efficacy through encapsulation.

What does it do?

Spraytech Oil is the delivery system that provides unbeatable spray performance.

  • increases the rainfastness of chemicals. 
  • improves chemical uptake by plants 
  • reduces spray drift and increases the amount of on-target spray by improving the spray pattern and reducing the percentage of fine particles
  • encapsulates (surrounds) chemicals in the spray vat buffering them from alkaline hydrolysis (breakdown)
  • increases the activity of glyphosates and other chemicals by improving uptake and reducing chemical breakdown
  • reduce the surface tension of water droplets, allowing greater coverage of surfaces
  •  an organic product and is environmentally friendly and BFA approved
  • 100% Australian owned

How Does it Work? 

Today much is known about droplet manufacture and transportation, and the trajectory paths that droplets follow.

One of the greatest improvements to come about, however, has come at very little cost to the farmer or the spray operator.  This improvement has been brought about by the introduction of vegetable oil adjuvants.

AgroBest Australia is the company that introduced this spraying revolution to Australia and is the proud manufacturer of Spraytech Oil.

Spraytech Oil when mixed with the pesticide, encapsulates each chemical droplet in a film of oil.  When this mixture is added to the tank with the addition of water, the water no longer becomes the primary carrier of the chemical; the oil becomes the primary carrier and because of this your spray performance is vastly improved. 

The encapsulation process improves your spray pattern to give you more uniform droplet production. There is a reduction in large droplets which are responsible for a percentage of off-target or ground pollution.  A spray pattern that is uniform in medium-sized droplets is more effective in getting chemicals on target.

The Encapsulation Process

For vegetable growers this means superior wetting and sticking on waxy leaves, such as brassicas (broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, and lettuce), resulting in more uniform spray coverage and better pest control.  Tomato growers will notice better canopy penetration, resulting in better control of underleaf pests, such as aphids, mites and whitefly.

The encapsulation process acts to deliver the chemical on target with minimal losses.  Chemical that has been encapsulated with Spraytech Oil will –

  • Stick and spread up to 10 times more than water-carried chemicals.
  • Act as a cushion between alkaline water and acid chemicals.
  • Give a superior spray pattern helping to reduce drift and off-target pollution.
  • Have a reduction in offensive chemical odour.
  • Be rainfast within minutes.

The astute spray operator will notice immediately a difference in spray pattern and how easily leaves wet up.  There will be fewer fine droplets blowing away, more spray will be on target and a better job will result.

Spraytech Oil can be used as a surfactant. This helps to increase the contact between the chemical and the plant, improving plant uptake and chemical efficacy.

Surfactants help to reduce the surface tension of water droplets, allowing greater coverage of surfaces.

Spraytech Oil also has the added advantage that it is made up primarily of triglycerides, which have a similar structure to cuticular wax, and insect exoskeletons.

This increases the bonding and penetration of the chemical to the leaf and/or insect.

Additional Details & Specifications

Active Ingredient:
832G/L Canola Oil
Organic Status:
Certified Organic
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Active Ingredient:
832G/L Canola Oil
Organic Status:
Certified Organic
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