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BioBlender Media Mix (3-0-2.5) 22.68kg

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Bioblender Media Mix (3-0-2.5)

For all types of nursery, greenhouse, pre-plant & transplant soils

  • Dry Formulation
  • Faster Rooting & More Abundant Seed Germination
  • Protects Plants from Stress
  • Increases CEC of Soils
  • Helps Counteract Transplant Shock & Root Dieback
  • Improves Health and Vigour of Plants

Use BioBlender Media Mix for all Nursery and Greenhouse crops and soil mixes. BioBlender Media Mix combines all of the benefits of the Companion and Essential biostimulant. It contains beneficial Bacillus subtilis GB03 bacteria that will quickly colonize the root surface improving nutrient uptake, stimulate new and more vigorous root growth and protect roots against stress.

BioBlender Media Mix will help improve the health of the plant by maintaining a healthy population of beneficial soil microorganisms that crowd out unwanted pathogens. It contains Humic Acid that will increase the CEC of soils and replenish organic matter. As an added benefit, it contains a natural wetting agent from Yucca that is safe for all plant materials and a natural biostimulant that enhances root formation and branching.

Bioblender can also be used as a top dressing when sizing up plant materials. Can be applied as a topdressing along with fertilizers at a rate of 1 tsp / gal container.

Additional Information

Active Ingredient Strength No
Active Ingredient No
Brand Growth Products
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