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5 Litre Surefire Raizon Herbicide (300g/L triclopyr, 100g/L picloram)

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Surefire Raizon Herbicide

Surefire Raizon is used for control of a range of environmental and noxious woody and herbaceous weeds as specified in the Directions For Use table.


Active Ingredient:

Additional Information

Host / Environment APVMA Registered to Treat
Agricultural Non-Crop Areas, Commercial/Industrial Land - Commercial/Industrial Area, Forest, Pasture, Rights Of Way - Around Guide Posts, Power Lines And Telephone Lines, Rights Of Way - Fire-Breaks, Rights Of Way - Rail Tracks, Rights Of Way - Road Sides, Rights Of Way - Roadways African Boxthorn - Box Thorn, Angophora, Australian Or Native Blackthorn - Native Blackthorn, Banksia, Blackberry In Assoc With Other Weed (See - Blackberry With Dock, Blackberry In Assoc With Other Weed (See - Blackberry With Ragwort, Blackberry In Assoc With Other Weed (See - Blackberry With Smartweed, Blackberry In Assoc With Other Weed (See - Blackberry With St John'S Wort, Blackberry In Assoc With Other Weed (See - Blackberry With Thistles, Blue Heliotrope Or Blue Top - Wild Heliotrope, Camphor Laurel, Cape Or Montpellier Broom, Casuarina Or Sheoak, Chilean Cestrum - Green Cestrum, Chilean Cestrum - Green Poisonberry, Chinee Apple - Chinese Apple, Chinee Apple - Chini Apple, Chinee Apple - Indian Jujube, Chinese Scrub - Biddy Bush, Chinese Scrub - Chinese Shrub, Chinese Scrub - Sifton Bush, Cockspur Thorn, Common Sensitive Plant, Crofton Weed - Cotton Weed, Crofton Weed - Eupatorium Adenophorum, Crofton Weed - Eupatorium Spp., Eastern Cotton Bush, English Broom - Common Broom, English Broom - Sarothamnus Scoparius, English Broom - Scotch Broom, English Broom - Spanish Broom, Eucalyptus - Eucalyptus Regrowth, Eucalyptus - Species, Flax Leaf Broom - Flax Leaved Broom, Flax Leaf Broom - Flax-Leaved Broom, Furze Or Gorse, Galenia, Giant Bramble, Groundsel Bush, Hawthorn - Azzarola, Hawthorn - Crataegus Laevigata, Hawthorn - Crataegus Sinaica, Hawthorn - Crataegus Spp., Hawthorn - May, Horehound - White Horehound, Japanese Sunflower, Lantana Spp. - Creeping Lantana, Limebush, Lion Tail, Lucerne, Manuka, Mesquite - Prosopis Velutina, Mistflower Or Creeping Crofton Weed - Eupatorium Riparium, Mistflower Or Creeping Crofton Weed - Eupatorium Spp., Mother-Of-Millions - Mother Of Millions, Parkinsonia, Prickly-Pear, Rubber Vine, Siam Weed, Sickle Pod - Arsenic Weed, Sickle Pod - Sicklepod, Smooth Tree Or Drooping Prickly Pear, St John'S Wort - H. Perforatum Var. Angustifoli, Sweet Briar Or Wild Rose - Sweetbriar, Sweet Briar Or Wild Rose - Wild Rose, Tobacco Weed, Wattle - Except Corkwood Wattle, Wild Rosemary, Wild Tobacco Tree - Wild Tobacco
Fallows Or Prior To Planting A Crop - Implement, Fallows Or Prior To Planting A Crop - Minimal Soil Disturbance, Fallows Or Prior To Planting A Crop - Prior To Planting A Pasture Bitter Bark Or Quinine Tree, Blackberry Nightshade - Suppression, Camel Or Afghan Melon - Afghan Melon, Camel Or Afghan Melon - Bitter Melon, Camel Or Afghan Melon - Camel Melon, Cowvine - Peachvine, Cucumber Melon, Lucerne, Paddy Melon - Gooseberry Melon, Paddy Melon - Prickly Paddy Melon, Polymeria, Sow Or Milk Thistle - Common Sowthistle, Sow Or Milk Thistle - Sow Thistle, Sow Or Milk Thistle - Sowthistle
Non-Crop Areas On Flood Plains Parkinsonia

Additional Information

Active Ingredient Strength No
Active Ingredient Picloram Present As The Hexyloxypropylamine Salt | Triclopyr Present As The Butoxyethyl Ester
Brand PCT (Pest Control Technologies)
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