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Product details

Syngenta Velista Turf Fungicide

Out of this world fungicide rotation

Apply Spring, Summer or Autumn. Season to season, VELISTA makes rotation easy.

VELISTA is a powerful broad-spectrum fungicide that can be used all year round. Backed by science, it keeps your turf in excellent condition – especially when the temperature and humidity soar.

Formulated especially for turf, VELISTA is the cornerstone of any fungicide program. With its highly effective mode of action and powerful preventative and curative action, it will protect your turfgrass during high-pressure periods.

VELISTA’s success comes from its active ingredient, penthiopyrad (SDHI fungicide). Penthiopyrad exhibits translaminar and localised xylem systemic movement on treated turf and, as a Group 7 SDHI fungicide, shuts down pathogen growth and development. The result is a broad-spectrum, turf-specific formulation that is proven to deliver excellent results.

Turf managers have heavily relied on the Strobilurin fungicides (Group 11 such as HERITAGE MAXX). Whilst this group of fungicides offers robust control, overuse of fungicides in Group 11 may lead to resistance and poor levels of control. VELISTA, a broad spectrum Group 7, is an excellent rotational partner to help minimise any resistance risks and therefore extend the usable life of many existing and future chemistries. VELISTA is not cross-resistant with other classes of chemistry.

VELISTA does not exhibit any growth retardant properties to turf grass and has shown no phytotoxicity in Australian and USA trials. VELISTA is also rainfast once the leaf surface has dried.

What VELISTA offers you:

  • Broad-spectrum control of major turfgrass diseases
  • A turf-specific formulation with excellent demonstrated efficacy, bringing a powerful rotation partner for the Group 11 fungicides
  • Versatility to use all year round
  • Outstanding turf safety: rainfast when allowed to dry, with no growth regulation properties or phytotoxicity
  • Curative and preventative properties
  • Easy to use WDG formulation in a convenient 500 g pack

Getting the most out of VELISTA

When applying VELISTA to your turf, target the areas that you want to protect against disease. Begin applications before or at the early stages of disease development. If conditions continue to favour disease, use the higher rate and/or shorter intervals, as per the label directions.

For foliar and crown diseases like Anthracnose and Dollar Spot, apply to the crown in approx. 400 L of water/ha. This will allow VELISTA to enter at the crown and leaf and move locally within the plant.

For the control of root diseases such as Spring Dead Spot and Brown Patch root infections, applications should be made at a minimum of 750 L water/ha and watered into the root zone. For Fairy Ring, use approx. 1,000 L of water per hectare. VELISTA’s local movement within the plant means it will not move into the leaf from the roots. This enables the active ingredient to remain in the roots and root zone, offering greater protection and control against soil profile diseases.

Preventative and curative Fairy Ring control

VELISTA is the leading preventative and curative Fairy Ring control available. Watering the product in quickly and to the correct depth is critical for effective treatment. VELISTA enters the plant relatively quickly, so you need to water it into the soil profile within 1 hour, where it will remain and persist for up to 21 days. It is important to work out the depth of the fungal pathogen in your turf, as this can vary from 10 – 50 mm. This will determine how far you need to water the product. The addition of a wetting agent (non-ionic surfactant) is recommended with the application. To work out the pathogen depth, take a core out of the ring of the disease, put it in a snap lock bag, and check at what depth the mycelium is growing in the bag after 1-2 nights.

Additional Details & Specifications

Active Ingredient:
500G/Kg Penthiopyrad
Mode Of Action:
Group 7 Fungicide
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Active Ingredient:
500G/Kg Penthiopyrad
Mode Of Action:
Group 7 Fungicide
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