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TKO 0-12.5-21.8 Phosphite Fertiliser 10 Litre

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Growth Products TKO Phosphite Fertiliser (0-12.5-21.8) – 10 Litre

100% Pure Phosphorus Acid 

  • Increases root mass
  • Aids in bloom set
  • Reduces environmental stress
  • Highly mobile within plant and translocated
  • Compatible with other technical materials

"TKO" Phosphite is a highly concentrated P/K nutrient solution containing mono and di-potassium salts of phosphorous acid.

This clear solution is highly soluble and is rapidly absorbed into the plant tissue. It can be absorbed either through leaf tissue or roots, quickly correcting deficiencies and improving plant growth and vigour. Phosphite nutrients are known to improve turf quality and overall plant growth. "TKO" Phosphite can be used as a soil and/or foliar application.

Phosphorus is second only, in importance, to nitrogen and is known to play a key role in photosynthesis and root development. It has a near-neutral pH and low salt index, so it is safe for all horticulture and turf applications, with very little leaching or the possibility of injury to plant tissue and roots, safely supplying nutrients without detrimental environmental effects.

Additional Information

Active Ingredient Strength No
Active Ingredient No
Brand Growth Products
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