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Product details

Introducing PRIMO MAXX II

The Ultimate Turf Management Solution

PRIMO MAXX® II represents a groundbreaking advancement in turf management, crafted meticulously to address the growing regulatory challenges while securing the future of this indispensable tool for turf managers. With a new formulation, PRIMO MAXX® II upholds the high standards set by its predecessor, thanks to Syngenta's commitment to turf R&D. This innovation ensures the same stellar performance but with a marginally lower active ingredient concentration. Rest assured, the application rates you've trusted remain the same, promising consistent, outstanding results with reduced active content.

How PRIMO MAXX® II Transforms Turf Care

At its core, PRIMO MAXX® II operates by inhibiting gibberellic acid production in the plant leaf, curtailing cell elongation and vertical growth. This biochemistry results in a compact growth pattern, enhancing the turf's density and health. While vertical growth slows, the plant's energy shifts to bolster root and lateral growth, crafting a robust, dense turf. The tangible benefits? Up to 35% less mowing, translating into significant cost and labour savings.

Economic and Environmental Benefits

  • Reduced Mowing Needs: Frees up labor for other course enhancements.
  • Lower Club Expenditure: Less fuel, maintenance, and repair costs for mowers.
  • Increased Club Revenue: Superior turf quality and playing experience attract more members and visitors.

The Business of Better Turf

In the competitive world of golf, superior course conditions are paramount. PRIMO MAXX® II is your ally in enhancing the playing experience, crucial for attracting and retaining players. Amidst economic pressures and shifting golfer loyalties, a high-quality playing experience is key to a club's success.

Applications and Benefits

  • Fairways and Rough: Achieve up to 35% reduced mowing frequency, lower fuel costs, and extended machinery life.
  • Fine Turf Surfaces: Experience smoother, more consistent greens with fewer clippings and enhanced green speed throughout the day.

Enhanced Turf Plant Health

PRIMO MAXX® II fosters healthier plants, more resilient against stress and disease, leading to superior playing conditions all season long. Expect improved drought resistance, quicker stress recovery, and enhanced wear tolerance.

Enhanced Shade Tolerance

PRIMO MAXX® II also addresses the challenges of shaded turf, aiding in compensating for reduced light levels and fostering stronger, more resilient grass.

The PRIMO MAXX® II Advantage

  • Elevated Cytokinins: Increases stress tolerance, preserving turf quality.
  • Increased Chlorophyll Concentration: Enhances photosynthetic activity.
  • Boosted Carbohydrates: Up to 40% increase in shaded conditions.

A Proven Solution

Research validates PRIMO MAXX® II's efficacy in increasing cytokinin levels, enhancing heat and drought tolerance, and maintaining higher photochemical efficiency under stress. It's an integral part of Integrated Turf Management, reducing disease susceptibility and promoting consistent, superior-quality playing surfaces.

Experience the PRIMO MAXX® II Difference

Experience reduced mowing, especially on fairways and in rough, freeing up labour for other maintenance tasks. Enjoy greater rooting, drought tolerance, shade tolerance, and reduced machinery maintenance and fuel costs. PRIMO MAXX® II is more than a product; it's a comprehensive solution for superior turf management.

Additional Details & Specifications

Active Ingredient:
116.39 g/L Trinexapac-Ethyl
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Active Ingredient:
116.39 g/L Trinexapac-Ethyl
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