Esi-Root Rooting Concentrate

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Esi-Root Rooting Concentrate:

The Gold Standard for Striking Results

Unleash the Power of Esi-Root

Discover the transformative capabilities of Esi-Root Rooting Concentrate. This product has been painstakingly researched and vigorously field tested for over three decades to assure its effectiveness. Esi-Root guarantees successful striking across a vast range of hardwood and softwood cuttings, even those notoriously difficult-to-strike species.

Boost Your Strike Rate

Esi-Root is your secret weapon to significantly increasing strike rates across all types of cuttings. Whether you're dealing with Softwood, Semi Mature, or Hardwood cuttings, Esi-Root outperforms many traditional products, enabling you to enhance your productivity and success.

Minimise Burning and Maximise Success

With Esi-Root, you can bid farewell to the common issue of cutting burnings. Its unique formulation requires a lower concentration of hormones, minimising the risk of burning. This allows for a robust, more successful strike rate, resulting in healthier, more vigorous plants.

Innovation at Its Best

Esi-Root is the outcome of extensive research centred on delivering optimum hormone combinations and concentrations. This user-friendly auxin solution features a synergistic blend of IBA and NAA hormones. It's suitable for a wide range of users, from individual gardeners to large-scale commercial growers.

Designed for Your Large-Scale Needs

Esi-Root Concentrate is tailored specifically for large-scale operations, meeting the needs of commercial growers, wholesalers, and plant distributors. This easy-to-use Liquid Concentrate, available in a handy 500ml bottle with a measuring chamber, is ideal for dunking, dipping, and foliate spraying. With the Esi-Root Dilution Guide, preparation is quick and straightforward. The product is also environmentally safe, requiring no specialist equipment or handling protocols.

For challenging-to-strike species, the best results are achieved by immersing cuttings fully into the solution for a specified period.

Trust Built on a Wide Range of Successes

Esi-Root has proven its worth on a wide range of cuttings. From Australian natives like WA Verticordia and Eremophila to Queensland Grevilleas, exotic trees, and shrubs such as grapevines and olive trees, Esi-Root has shown impressive results.

Advanced Protection for Your Plants

Esi-Root Concentrate features antibacterial and anti-fungal agents to significantly reduce the likelihood of cross-contamination, offering you peace of mind and added protection when used correctly.

Experience the Esi-Root difference today and witness the remarkable growth it can bring to your horticultural activities. Your journey towards striking results starts here.

Additional Details & Specifications

Active Ingredient:
1.6G/L IBA & 1.6G/L NAA
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Active Ingredient:
1.6G/L IBA & 1.6G/L NAA
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