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  • Enviromax Azoxystrobin 250SC (250g/L azoxystrobin) 2.5L Enviromax Azoxystrobin 250SC (250g/L azoxystrobin) 2.5L

Enviromax Azoxystrobin 250SC (250g/L azoxystrobin) 2.5L

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EnviroMax Azoxystrobin 250SC Fungicide

Target Species
Azoxystrobin is widely used in turf and farming, providing control of various diseases of Turf, Grapes, Potatoes, Tomatoes, Cucurbits, Avocados, Mangoes, Passionfruit, and Poppies.

Product Profile
EnviroMax® Suspension Concentrate technology has been utilised to formulate this outstanding 250 g/L Azoxystrobin SC formulation. This formulation possesses the broadest spectrum of activity of all presently known antifungals.The active ingredient, Azoxystrobin, belongs to a class of fungicides named Strobilurins, which act by inhibiting mitochondrial respiration in fungi, stopping their energy supply.
Development of Azoxystrobin was inspired by a species of forest-dwelling mushroom, which produces its own natural fungicide. Azoxystrobin is the world’s No1 fungicide, and EnviroMax® Azoxystrobin, through its broadspectrum activity, delivers consistent protection and quality benefits in a broad array of crops, turf and ornamentals.

Additional Information

Host / Environment APVMA Registered to Treat
Avocado - Fuerte - Avocado, Avocado - Hass - Avocado, Avocado - Pinkerton - Avocado, Mango Anthracnose, Stem End Rot - Phomopsis Citri - Melanose, Stem End Rot - Phomopsis Citri - Stem-End Rot
Cucurbit - Asian Melons, Cucurbit - Cantaloupe, Cucurbit - Choko, Cucurbit - Cucumber, Cucurbit - Gherkin, Cucurbit - Honeydew Melon, Cucurbit - Marrow, Cucurbit - Melon, Cucurbit - Muskmelon, Cucurbit - Pumpkin, Cucurbit - Rockmelon, Cucurbit - Squash, Cucurbit - Watermelon, Cucurbit - Zucchini Downy Mildew, Gummy Stem Blight - Didymella Bryoniae, Powdery Mildew
Grape - See Label - Grapevine Bunch Rot, Downy Mildew, Powdery Mildew
Passionfruit Alternaria Fruit Rot, Cladosporium
Poppy Downy Mildew
Potato Early Blight, Late Blight Or Irish Blight - Irish Blight
Tomato (Except Greenhouse) Early Blight, Late Blight Or Irish Blight - Irish Blight, Sclerotinia Rot - Sclerotinia Flower Blight, Sclerotinia Rot - Sclerotinia Fungal Disease, Sclerotinia Rot - Sclerotinia Root Rot, Sclerotinia Rot - Sclerotinia Soil Fungus, Sclerotinia Rot - Soil Fungi, Sclerotinia Rot - White Mould, Sclerotinia Rot - Wilt - Sclerotinia
Turf - Including Golf Courses (E.G., Fairways, Greens, Tees) And Sports Turf (E.G. Football And Rugby Pitches, Tennis, Bowls And Cricket Pitches), Racetracks, Parklands And Commercial And Residential Lawns. Anthracnose, Black Helminthosporium, Brown Patch - Fusarium Spp., Brown Patch - Helminthosporium Spp., Brown Patch - Rhizoctonia Spp., Grey Leaf Spot, Leaf Blight, Pythium Spp. - Grease Spot, Pythium Spp. - Pythium Blight, Pythium Spp. - Seedling Damping Off, Red Thread, Root Rot - Soil Fungi, Winter Fusarium

Additional Information

Active Ingredient Strength 250 G/L
Active Ingredient Azoxystrobin
Brand EnviroMax
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