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Surefire All Weather Rodent Blocks

Surefire All Weather Rodent Blocks are your ultimate solution to rodent problems in and around your home, garden, or any other area where these unwelcome guests may lurk. Made with the Active Ingredient 0.05g/kg Brodifacoum, these powerful rodent control blocks are perfect for any home gardener looking for a safe and effective way to protect their precious plants and property from rats and mice.

Our Surefire All Weather Rodent Blocks are ready-to-use, wax-based block baits that can be used in dry and damp situations. They are designed to effectively control rodents in and around industrial, commercial, agricultural, and domestic buildings, as well as the exterior and interior of various structures. Boasting a one-feed, fast-acting formula, these rodent control blocks can control species resistant to warfarin, ensuring maximum effectiveness in eradicating rodent problems.

To use the Surefire All Weather Rodent Blocks:

  1. Set out the baits in places frequented by mice and rats, keeping them no more than 2 meters from buildings.
  2. For rats: Place 1 to 3 blocks at 5-9 meter intervals in infested areas.
  3. For mice: Place single blocks at 2-3 meter intervals in infested areas.

To ensure the most effective results, follow these general instructions:

  1. Use Surefire Rodenticide indoors and/or outdoors, ideally in clearly marked tamper-evident stations.
  2. DO NOT place bait on or near exposed food, food utensils, food preparation areas, or food storage areas.
  3. Eliminate as many other food sources as possible and bait the infested area, placing baits undercover.
  4. Inspect baits daily and replace eaten baits, increasing the number of baits if quickly consumed.
  5. Continue observation and replenishment until no more baits are taken, with at least two weeks of baiting required to reduce rat and mouse numbers effectively.

When placing the bait stations, locate them along walls or rafters and in dark, sheltered spots where signs of rodent activity are evident. Nail or fix the stations in place if necessary. The wax blocks are particularly suitable for use in damp situations where the risk of contamination should be minimised. Be sure to record the number and locations of bait stations for easy replenishment and later removal.

Regularly look for dead rats or mice as part of your rodent control efforts. Dispose of them responsibly by burning or burying them and avoiding placing them in refuse bins. Inspect all bait stations regularly and ensure that baits are removed when rodent activity has ceased.

Surefire All Weather Rodent Blocks provide an easy, effective, and safe method for controlling rats and mice in your garden, lawn, or any other area where these pests may cause damage. Invest in these powerful rodent control blocks today and enjoy a rodent-free environment that your plants and property deserve.

Additional Details & Specifications

Active Ingredient:
0.05g/Kg Brodifacoum
Mode Of Action:
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Active Ingredient:
0.05g/Kg Brodifacoum
Mode Of Action:
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