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  • 20 Litre Surefire Gamma Non-selective Herbicide (200g/L Glufosinate ammonium) 20 Litre Surefire Gamma Non-selective Herbicide (200g/L Glufosinate ammonium)

20 Litre Surefire Gamma Non-selective Herbicide (200g/L Glufosinate ammonium)

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20 Litre Surefire Gamma Non-selective Herbicide (200g/L Glufosinate ammonium)

Additional Information

Host / Environment APVMA Registered to Treat
Avocado Plantation, Banana Plantation, Cane Berry Fruit - Blackberry, Cane Berry Fruit - Boysenberry, Cane Berry Fruit - Loganberry, Cane Berry Fruit - Raspberry, Citrus Fruit Orchard, Commercial Area - General, Feijoa Plantation, Guava Plantation, Industrial Land Or Area, Kiwi Plantation - Kiwi Fruit, Lychee Plantation - Litchi Plantation, Mango Plantation, Non-Agricultural Area - General - Aerodromes, Non-Agricultural Area - General - Around Buildings, Non-Agricultural Area - General - Beneath Electrical Transmission Towers, Non-Agricultural Area - General - Building, Non-Agricultural Area - General - Commercial/Industrial Area, Non-Agricultural Area - General - Domestic Area, Non-Agricultural Area - General - Drains, Non-Agricultural Area - General - Driveways, Non-Agricultural Area - General - Factory Sites, Non-Agricultural Area - General - Fence Lines, Non-Agricultural Area - General - Footpaths, Non-Agricultural Area - General - Gutters, Non-Agricultural Area - General - Headlands, Non-Agricultural Area - General - Oil Installations, Non-Agricultural Area - General - Paths Around Sheds, Non-Agricultural Area - General - Power Stations, Non-Agricultural Area - General - Public Service Area, Non-Agricultural Area - General - Public Utilities, Non-Agricultural Area - General - Railway Tracks, Non-Agricultural Area - General - Rights Of Way, Non-Agricultural Area - General - Road Shoulders, Non-Agricultural Area - General - Roadway, Non-Agricultural Area - General - Shed, Olive Plantation, Passionfruit Plantation, Pawpaw Plantation, Pineapple Plantation, Pome Fruit Orchard, Rambutan Plantation, Rights Of Way - Around Guide Posts, Power Lines And Telephone Lines, Rights Of Way - Fire-Breaks, Rights Of Way - Rail Tracks, Rights Of Way - Road Sides, Rights Of Way - Roadways, Stone Fruit Orchard, Strawberry, Tomato - Large, Field Grown For Fresh Consumption, Tree Nut Plantation - Almond, Tree Nut Plantation - Macadamia, Tree Nut Plantation - Pecan, Tree Nut Plantation - Pistachio, Tree Nut Plantation - Walnut, Vineyard - Grapevine Amaranth - Suppression, Annual Ryegrass, Apple-Of-Peru - Gooseberry, Apple-Of-Peru - Wild Gooseberry, Argentine Peppercress, Awnless Barnyard Grass - Suppression, Barley Grass, Barnyard Grass Or Water Grass, Billygoat Weed Or Blue Top, Bindweed - Cornbine (Uk), Bindweed - European Bindweed, Bindweed - Field Bindweed, Bindweed - Field Morning Glory (Usa), Bindweed - Hiranpandi (Hindi), Bindweed - Lesser Bindweed, Bindweed - Morning Glory (Usa), Bindweed - Perennial Bindweed, Bindweed - Small-Flowered Morning Glory, Bindweed - Wild Morning Glory, Black Bindweed - Annual Bindweed, Black Bindweed - Bilderdykia Convolvulus, Black Bindweed - Buckwheat, Black Bindweed - Climbing Buckwheat, Black Bindweed - Ivy Vine, Black Bindweed - Polygonum Convolvulus, Bladder Ketmia, Blady Grass - Imperata Cylindrica Var. Major, Bordered Panic - Panicum Spp., Borreria - Borreria Latifolia, Borreria - Martorella Weed, Borreria - Mc Fadden'S Curse, Borreria - Square Weed, Brome Grass - Bromus Diandrus, Brome Grass - Bromus Rigidus, Calopo, Caltrop - Tribulis Terrestis - Bullhead, Caltrop - Tribulis Terrestis - Yellow Vine, Cape Tulip, Capeweed, Centro, Clover Glycine - Cooper Glycine, Cobbler'S Pegs - Conyza Spp., Common Bittercress Or Flickweed - Bitter Cress, Common Bittercress Or Flickweed - Hairy Wood Cress, Common Fumitory - Fumitory, Common Storksbill - Common Crowsfoot, Couch Grass - Green Couch, Couch Grass - Indian Couch, Couch Grass - Perennial Couch, Couch Grass - Plain Couch, Cowpea - Vigna Unguiculata Ssp. Unguicu, Crowsfoot Grass - Crab Grass, Deadnettle - Henbit Deadnettle, Deadnettle - Pink Weed, Deadnettle - Stingless Nettle, Dwarf Crumbweed, Fat Hen, Foxtail Millet - Dwarf Setaria, Foxtail Millet - Giant Setaria, Foxtail Millet - Hungarian Millet, Foxtail Millet - Italian Millet, Green Crumbweed, Greenleaf Desmodium, Indian Hedge Mustard - Sisymbrium Columnae, Indian Hedge Mustard - Wild Mustard, Johnson Grass, Lesser Canary Grass - Annual Canary Grass, Lesser Canary Grass - Annual Phalaris, Liverseed Or Urochloa Grass - Liverseed Grass, Medic - Annual Medic, Medic - Burr Medic, Mimosa Invisa - Giant Sensitive Plant (Qld), Mintweed - Blue Salvia, Mintweed - Mint Weed, Mintweed - Salvia Lanceolata, New Zealand Spinach - Native Spinach, New Zealand Spinach - Tetragonia Expansa, New Zealand Spinach - Wild Spinach, Panic, Paspalum Spp., Paterson'S Curse - Echium Lycopsis, Paterson'S Curse - Echium Spp., Paterson'S Curse - Purple Bugloss, Paterson'S Curse - Purple Viper'S Bugloss, Paterson'S Curse - Salvation Jane, Paterson'S Curse - Viper'S Bugloss, Perennial Pigweed - Neverdie, Perennial Pigweed - Pigweed, Perennial Pigweed - Red Pigweed, Pink Shamrock - Large-Leaved Wood Sorrel, Pink Shamrock - Largeleaf Wood Sorrel, Pink Shamrock - Lilac Oxalis, Pink Shamrock - Oxalis Martiana, Pink Shamrock - Shamrock, Pinkburr - Aramina, Pinkburr - Pink Burr, Pinkburr - Pink Flowered Burr, Pinkburr - Urena Burr, Potato Or Yellow Weed - Galinsoga, Prairie Grass, Prickly Lettuce - Whip Thistle, Prickly Lettuce - Wild Lettuce, Red Natal Grass - Melinis Repens, Red Natal Grass - Natal Grass, Red Natal Grass - Rhynchelytrum Roseum, Red Natal Grass - Tricholaena Rosea, Saffron Thistle - False Star Thistle, Sago Weed, Scarlet Or Red Pimpernel, Sheep, Shore Or Winged Slender Thistle - Sheep Thistle, Sheep, Shore Or Winged Slender Thistle - Shore Thistle, Sheep, Shore Or Winged Slender Thistle - Winged Slender Thistle, Sida Retusa, Silver Grass Or Rat'S-Tail Fescue - Festuca Myuros, Silver Grass Or Rat'S-Tail Fescue - Vulpia Myuros, Silver Grass Or Rat'S-Tail Fescue - Vulpia Spp., Silverleaf Desmodium, Siratro - Purple Bean, Sorghum - Grain Sorghum, Sorghum - S. Aionuri, Sorghum - Sudax, Sow Or Milk Thistle - Common Sowthistle, Sow Or Milk Thistle - Sow Thistle, Sow Or Milk Thistle - Sowthistle, St Barnaby'S Thistle - Yellow Cockspur, Stagger Weed - Field Stachys, Stagger Weed - Hedge-Nettle, Stagger Weed - Mint Weed, Stagger Weed - Stachys Orientalis, Star Of Bethlehem Or Cupid'S Flower, Stink Grass - Love Grass, Subterranean Clover, Summer Grass, Thickhead, Three Cornered Jack Or Doublegee - Spiny Emex, Turnip Weed - Giant Mustard, Turnip Weed - Raphanus Rugosum, Turnip Weed - Rapistrum Weed, Turnip Weed - Short-Fruited Turnip, Turnip Weed - Short-Fruited Wild Turnip, Variegated Thistle - Blessed Thistle, Variegated Thistle - Bull Thistle, Variegated Thistle - Cabbage Thistle, Variegated Thistle - Carduus Marianus, Variegated Thistle - Holy Thistle, Variegated Thistle - Lady'S Thistle, Variegated Thistle - Milk Thistle, Variegated Thistle - Spotted Thistle, Variegated Thistle - St Mary'S Thistle, Volunteer Peanut, Volunteer Tomato, Wheat, White Clover, White Eye Or Mexican Clover - Brazilian White-Eye, White Eye Or Mexican Clover - Lilly, Wild Carrot - Australian Carrot, Wild Gooseberry - Physalis Minima, Wild Oat - 2 Leaf To End Of Tillering (Gs12-29), Wild Oat - Black Oats, Wild Radish Or Radish Weed - Jointed Charlock, Wild Radish Or Radish Weed - Radish (Wild), Wild Radish Or Radish Weed - White Charlock, Wild Radish Or Radish Weed - White Weed, Wild Radish Or Radish Weed - Wild Charlock, Wild Radish Or Radish Weed - Wild Radish - Cereals, Willowherb - Willow-Herb, Wireweed, Knotweed Or Hogweed - Fallopia Aviculare, Wireweed, Knotweed Or Hogweed - Trianthema Decandra, Wireweed, Knotweed Or Hogweed - Trianthema Galericulata, Wireweed, Knotweed Or Hogweed - Zaleya Decandra, Wireweed, Knotweed Or Hogweed - Zaleya Galericulata
Blackberry, Boysenberry, Loganberry, Raspberry Primocane Control, Sucker Control - Control Of Suckers

Additional Information

Active Ingredient Strength No
Active Ingredient Glufosinate-Ammonium
Brand PCT (Pest Control Technologies)
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