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  • TerraCottem Turf - 20kg Bag TerraCottem Turf - 20kg Bag

TerraCottem Turf - 20kg Bag

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TerraCottem Turf Soil Conditioner

TerraCottem Turf, also based on the TerraCottem principle, contains zeolite, a 100 percent natural volcanic mineral that helps increase soil fertility and water retention. The product's benefits are further boosted by the inclusion of turf specific fertiliser and humic acids which have a positive effect on water retention capacity, soil structure and microbiological activity. All this, to get quicker grass establishment, enhanced root and plant growth and improve the quality of turf, seeded grass and sprigs.

The product is a physical soil conditioner formulated to improve the quality of turf, seeded grass and sprigs. It is designed to increase the water and nutrient holding capacity of soils and growing media and increase grass root development, leaf growth and reduce the need for watering by up to 50%.

The product is a dry, free-flowing, powdery-to-granular mixture of cross-linked hydro absorbent polymers, growth precursors, humic acids and zeolite enriched with NPK fertiliser with magnesium. The product has an absorption capacity of a minimum of 4000 g H2O/100 g in distilled water using Method of Analysis CEN EN 13041 and more than 95% of the water contained in the polymers is plant available.

The soil conditioning technology has to be homogeneously spread onto the topsoil and incorporated into the topsoil or growing medium on the same day under dry, calm weather conditions.


  • Increased water holding capacity
  • Water savings up to 50%
  • Increased CEC value
  • Less nutrient leach-off
  • Better seed germination
  • Stronger & deeper root development
  • Increased microbiological activity
  • Higher resistance to diseases and drought stress

Prior to seeding, sprigging or sodding

Fertiliser spreader (preferably drop type) & rototiller

Just once.



Additional Information

Active Ingredient Strength No
Active Ingredient No
Brand TerraCottem
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