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  • Acelepryn GR Granular Insecticide 10kg Acelepryn GR Granular Insecticide 10kg

Acelepryn GR Granular Insecticide 10kg

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Syngenta Acelepryn GR – 10kg Granular Insecticide

Outstanding season-long grub control just got even better

Acelepryn GR Insecticide provides unmatched, season-long grub and caterpillar control convenient and flexible granule formulation. 

Acelepryn GR Controls a wide range of insect pests including African Black Beetle, Argentinian Scarab, Billbugs and several species of caterpillars including Cutworm, Sod Webworm and Lawn Armyworm. 

The efficiency and longevity of Acelepryn GR's performance mean your turf spaces are protected for longer and because it is exempt from poison scheduling, and PPE requirements for workers are reduced. This no spray option means ease of use and minimal disruption to the community. 

Acelepryn GR sets a new standard in long-lasting, efficient control of turf pests. The granule formulation offers you the same benefits as the liquid you know and trust, such as:

  • Granular formulation that is easy to use 
  • Season long control
  • Exemption from poison scheduling
  • High turf safety and low environmental impact

In addition, Acelepryn GR delivers:

  • A flexible option for tight or difficult to access turf areas such as schools, passive parks and around trees and other obstacles
  • Ease of use with no spray equipment, no re-entry periods and no PPE requirements
  • Ease of activation with a minimum of 3 mm irrigation


  • Acelepryn GR is easy to use and can be spread in any professional turf fertiliser spreader
  • During application check equipment periodically to ensure distribution remains even and effective
  • For optimal control, irrigate with approximately 6 mm of water immediately after application
  • Where treating for caterpillars, irrigation and mowing should be delayed for 24 hours
  • Application rates from 75 kg/ha to 150 kg/ha
  • Acelepryn GR is a SGN 150

See full label for details.


Season-long control of up to 6 months can be achieved using the higher application rates.

African Black Beetle / Argentinian Scarab: Acelepryn GR may be applied from spring onwards for preventative control of these pests.
Argentine Stem Weevil / Billbug: Acelepryn GR should be applied when overwintered adults are first observed to prevent damage in late spring.
Caterpillars: Acelepryn GR will provide excellent curative control in turfgrass and should be applied when pests/damage is observed.

View the Information Sheets tab to see the application label and SDS.

Additional Information

Host / Environment APVMA Registered to Treat
Turf - Including Golf Courses (E.G., Fairways, Greens, Tees) And Sports Turf (E.G. Football And Rugby Pitches, Tennis, Bowls And Cricket Pitches), Racetracks, Parklands And Commercial And Residential Lawns. African Black Beetle Larvae, Argentine Stem Weevil - Adult, Argentine Stem Weevil - Larvae, Argentinian Scarab, Beetle Larva, Bill Bug - Larvae - Billbug, Bill Bug - Larvae - La Plata Weevil, Black Cutworm - Agrotis Ipsilon, Caterpillars, Lawn Armyworm - Grass Grub, Lawn Armyworm - Lawn Caterpillar, Sod Webworm - Grass Caterpillar

Additional Information

Active Ingredient Strength 2G/KG
Active Ingredient Chlorantraniliprole
Brand Syngenta
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