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Spectrum Systemic Insecticide 200SC (200g/L imidacloprid) 1 Litre

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Surefire Spectrum 200SC Systemic Insecticide 

Surefire Spectrum 200SC can be used for the control of various insect pests in ornamentals, turf and crops according to the directions for use label. 

Surefire Spectrum 200SC, containing 200g/L Imidacloprid, is now registered for use in the control of all species of subterranean termites (including mastotermes darwiniensis) in both new and existing buildings.

Surefire Spectrum 200SC has these features to assist you with your termite management work:

  1. A non-repellent application that binds readily to the soil.
  2. Can’t be detected by termites, greatly assisting with colony control & elimination.
  3. Easily applied with your existing treatment equipment.
  4. Unbeatable value when compared to other non-repellent termiticides & other liquid termiticides. 

Additional Information

Host / Environment APVMA Registered to Treat
Apple - Delicious, Apple - Envy, Apple - Fuji, Apple - Golden Delicious, Apple - Granny Smith, Apple - Gravenstein, Apple - Jonathon, Apple - Lady William, Apple - Legana, Apple - Pink Lady, Apple - Red Delicious, Apple - Royal Gala, Apple - Rubens, Apple - Stark Crimson, Apple - Tydeman Woolly Aphid - Woolly Apple Aphid
Azalea - In Pot Azalea Lace Bug
Brassica Vegetables - Broccoli, Brassica Vegetables - Broccolini, Brassica Vegetables - Brussels Sprout, Brassica Vegetables - Cabbage, Brassica Vegetables - Cauliflower, Brassica Vegetables - Chard- Swiss, Brassica Vegetables - Chinese Cabbage, Brassica Vegetables - Cress, Brassica Vegetables - Kohlrabi Cabbage Aphid - Grey Cabbage Aphid, Turnip Aphid - Lipaphis Psuedobrassicae
Buildings - Around - Chemical Soil Barrier, Buildings - Around - Chemical Soil Treatment Zones, Buildings - Around - Commercial, Industrial, Buildings - Around - Domestic, Office, Public,, Buildings - Around - External Use Only, Buildings - Around - New Buildings And Structures, Buildings - Around - Under And Around, Commercial/Industrial Premises - Commercial And Industrial Areas, Commercial/Industrial Premises - Food Processing Establishments, Shops, Factories, Ships, Offices, Schools, Storerooms, Hospitals, Barracks, Commercial/Industrial Premises - Grain Storage, Commercial/Industrial Premises - Including Around Building Lines, Commercial/Industrial Premises - Premises, Domestic Premises - Food Preparation Area, Domestic Premises - Food Storage Area, Domestic Premises - Indoor Domestic Area, Domestic Premises - Living Area, Domestic Premises - Outdoors, Domestic Premises - Sleeping Area, Foundation Or Vertical Barrier - Existing Building, Foundation Or Vertical Barrier - New Building, Foundation Or Vertical Barrier - Perimeter Barrier, Foundation Or Vertical Barrier - Vertical Barrier, Government Premises, Log, Post And Pole - Fence, Log, Post And Pole - Roundwood/Poles, Log, Post And Pole - Service Pole, Reticulation System - Cavity Infill, Reticulation System - Footing Barriers, Reticulation System - Penetration Treatment, Reticulation System - Perimeter &Amp;/Or Service, Reticulation System - Pre And Post Construction, Reticulation System - Protection Of Buildings, Reticulation System - Reterm Reticulation Systems, Reticulation System - Underslab, Slab - Under - Post Construction, Slab - Under - Pre Construction, Termite Activity - Nest Location - Active Workings, Termite Activity - Nest Location - Aggregation Devices, Termite Activity - Nest Location - External Infested Timber, Termite Activity - Nest Location - In Service Timber, Termite Activity - Nest Location - Infested Wall Cavity, Termite Activity - Nest Location - Nests In Poles And Trees, Termite Activity - Nest Location - Timber On Ground Subterranean Termite, Termite - Mastotermes Spp. - Giant Northern Termite, Termite - Mastotermes Spp. - Mastotermes Darwiniensis
Capsicum Or Pepper, Cucurbit - Asian Melons, Cucurbit - Cantaloupe, Cucurbit - Choko, Cucurbit - Cucumber, Cucurbit - Gherkin, Cucurbit - Honeydew Melon, Cucurbit - Marrow, Cucurbit - Melon, Cucurbit - Muskmelon, Cucurbit - Pumpkin, Cucurbit - Rockmelon, Cucurbit - Squash, Cucurbit - Watermelon, Cucurbit - Zucchini, Duboisia Or Corkwood - Corkwood, Potato, Tomato - Large, Field Grown For Fresh Consumption Green Peach Aphid
Cotton Aphid, Brown Flea Beetle, Mirids
Cucumber - Cucurbit, Sweet Potato - Kumara Silverleaf Whitefly - Bemisia Tabaci (Biotype B), Silverleaf Whitefly - Cotton Whitefly, Silverleaf Whitefly - Poinsettia Whitefly
Eggplant Green Peach Aphid, Melon Thrips
Elm Tree - Tree Elm Leaf Beetle - Elm Tree Leaf Beetle
Eucalyptus Seedlings (To 1M High) In Pot Chrysomelid Beetle
Ornamental Plant - Bromeliads (Such As) Aphid, Azalea Lace Bug, Bronze Orange Bug, Citrus Mealy Bug, Fuller'S Rose Weevil, Greenhouse Thrip, Harlequin Bug, Hibiscus Flower Beetle, Longtailed Mealy Bug, Psyllid Or Lerp Insect, Soft Scale
Ornamentals In Pots Scarab Beetle - Larva
Pandanus Tree - Screw Pine, Pandanus Tree - Walking Palm Flatid - Pandanus Planthopper
Rose - Sturt'S Desert Rose Aphid
Stone Fruit - Apricot, Stone Fruit - Cherry, Stone Fruit - Nectarine, Stone Fruit - Peach, Stone Fruit - Plum, Stone Fruit - Prune Black Peach Aphid, Green Peach Aphid
Turf - Including Golf Courses (E.G., Fairways, Greens, Tees) And Sports Turf (E.G. Football And Rugby Pitches, Tennis, Bowls And Cricket Pitches), Racetracks, Parklands And Commercial And Residential Lawns. African Black Beetle - 1St Instar Larvae, Argentinian Scarab - First Instar Larvae, Bill Bug - Larvae - Billbug, Bill Bug - Larvae - La Plata Weevil, Pruinose Scarab - First Instar Larvae

Additional Information

Active Ingredient Strength No
Active Ingredient Imidacloprid
Brand PCT (Pest Control Technologies)
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