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  • Osmocote Plus Pots, Planters & Indoors 1kg Osmocote Plus Pots, Planters & Indoors 1kg
  • Osmocote Plus Pots, Planters & Indoors 1kg (Carton of 6) Osmocote Plus Pots, Planters & Indoors 1kg (Carton of 6)

Osmocote Plus Pots, Planters & Indoors 1kg

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Scotts Osmocote Plus Trace Elements: Pots, Planters & Indoors

A no-fuss, set and forget controlled release plant food for plants growing in pots, tubs, barrels, hanging baskets and window boxes. The smart way to fertilise - one application feeds continuously for up to six months

  • Ideal for annuals, perennials, shrubs, orchidsand palms
  • Contains everything plants need for healthy growth
  • Releases nutrients at the same rate plants are able to take them up through the roots - no wastage or run-off into waterways and drains
  • Two easy applications a year - early Spring and early Autumn
  • Includes a wetting agent to help water soak in
  • Feeds for 6 months continuously

Feeds when plants need it

Nutrients are released according to temperature - more when it's warm, less when it's cold

Sustainable & environment friendly

Scotts Osmocote® uses advanced prill technology that ensures even and controlled nutrient release with no wastage

Controlled release mean feeding less often and more effectively; less frequent feeding is more economical and environment-friendly

Wetting agent

The added wetting agent enhances water absorption into the soil or potting mix and helps plants take up nutrients

Low phosphorus

Less than 2% phosphorus (the 'P' in NPK) means it can be safely used on most Australian natives


Suitable For

Flowering and leafy potted plants regardless of container size or form


Orchids and ferns

Safe to use on new plants - the controlled release of nutrients means it will not burn soft leaves or tender young roots


Not Suitable For

Do not use in hydroponic growing systems, ponds or pots submerged in water

Do not use on lawns - use only specifically named fertilisers on grassed areas

How it Works

  • The release of nutrients from the fertiliser depends on potting mix and ambient temperature, not soil moisture
  • When the weather is warm in Spring, Summer and early Autumn, plants need more food and the fertiliser releases quicker
  • In Winter, when soil and air temperatures are lower, plants need less food because their growth rate is reduced, and less plant food is released

How to use

  • Pots, Planters & Indoors is for all plants growing in containers and planter boxes to promote healthy growth, beautiful flowers and generous fruiting
  • Use the rates in the table below as a guide for how much to apply
Application Rates
Pot Diameter Amount of Scotts Osmocote

Note: TBL - tablespoon = 15g

  • Established pots - sprinkle at recommended rate over potting mix, lightly mix in and water thoroughly to initiate nutrient release
  • Self-watering pots - make 10cm deep holes in the potting mix with a pencil or long skewer a few centimetres in from the rim of the pot and fill with columns of Scotts Osmocote® (share the rate suggested above equally between the holes). Water from the top once or twice to start the feeding process. The number of holes will depend on the size of the pot - as a guide, three equally spaced holes would be enough for a 20cm diameter pot.

When to use

  • Add to potting mix when transplanting or repotting, if the mix does not already contain a controlled release fertiliser
  • Apply in early Spring, when soils are warming and plants are putting on new growth and repeat in early Autumn

Technical details

  • NPK 15.3 : 2 : 12.6
  • Contains sulphur to maintain healthy green leaves
  • Scotts Osmocote® is a controlled release fertiliser that consists of prills (small beads) of high quality fertiliser encased in a permeable and biodegradable soy extract coating
  • Each prill contains a balanced micro dose of nutrients so a plant's response from an application is reliable and consistent

Additional Information

Active Ingredient Strength No
Active Ingredient No
Brand Scotts Retail
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