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  • David Grays Carbaryl 500mL David Grays Carbaryl 500mL

David Grays Carbaryl 500mL

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David Grays Carbaryl 500mL

Additional Information

Host / Environment APVMA Registered to Treat
Elm Tree In Non Crop Situations Elm Leaf Beetle - Elm Tree Leaf Beetle
Lawn Armyworm - Spodoptera Spp., Blackheaded Pasture Cockchafer - Acrossidius Tasmaniae, Budworms - Heliothis, Lawn Grub
Ornamentals - General - Garden - Flower, Ornamentals - General - Garden - Shrub Budworms - Heliothis, Cabbage White Butterfly, Caterpillar - Budworm, Caterpillar - Looper, Cutworm, Harlequin Bug, Leaf-Eating Ladybird - Epilachna Spp. - Leafeating Ladybird, Leafhopper, Leafroller Caterpillar, Looper - Looper Caterpillars, Potato Moth - Potato Tuber Moth, Potato Moth - Tobacco Leafminer, Pumpkin Beetle, Rutherglen Bug, Sycamore Lace Bug - Corythucha Ciliata, Sycamore Lace Bug - Lace Bug, Tomato Caterpillar, Wingless Grasshopper
Outdoor Area - General - Outdoors Entertaining, Bbq?S, Picnics, Outdoor Campsites European Earwig, Portugese Millipedes

Additional Information

Active Ingredient Strength No
Active Ingredient Carbaryl
Brand No
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