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Buddy Tape 25mm x 60m, perforated @ 50mm

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Buddy Tape - The best tape for grafting

The film has a wax content to keep it watertight, so the bud or graft won't dehydrate, but air can pass through the permeable tape permitting the bud to breath. The wax content also means that use of Buddy Tape can remove the need for waxing in covered areas.

Buddy Tape could be stretched to upto eight times its' initial length. The elastic nature of the material allows little pieces to be used for the application, and ensures an extremely tight grasp on the bud or graft to keep it securely in place, as is required to allow successful growth. Elasticity also means the tape expands as the plant develops, avoiding cutting to the plant that's a common issue with regular budding and grafting tapes.
The tape biodegrades naturally in exposure to sunlight, eliminating labour costs necessary to cut away standard tapes after use, and providing an environmentally responsible reply to the problem of waste.

Buddy Tape isn't adhesivein its' normal stored form, but becomes self-adhesive when stretched. This allows quick application with no need for tying knots, and combined with the company seal made by the film's elastic nature, means that the bud or graft is retained in place even in windy conditions.
Buddy Tape is pierced by the bud as it starts to grow, and since the permeable nature of the material permits the bud to breath, the bud can be completely covered. This provides protection from infection and insects.

Buddy Tape is an innovative tape for budding and grafting devised with a special formulation and properties to allow easy and quick application, reduced labour costs, and higher success rates in the harvest.

This exceptional product was created in Japan in 1985 and has been used throughout Europe and North America for the last fifteen years. In order to fully utilize the unique characteristics of Buddy-Tape, we recommend it is stretched gradually as it's applied.

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