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  • 25kg Organic Xtra Pellets 4-1.5-3 25kg Organic Xtra Pellets 4-1.5-3
  • 25kg Organic Xtra Pellets 4-1.5-3 (Pallet of 40) 25kg Organic Xtra Pellets 4-1.5-3 (Pallet of 40)

25kg Organic Xtra Pellets 4-1.5-3

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Organic Xtra Granular Fertiliser

Enrich your soil, enjoy rapid growth, consider the environment & enjoy crops which are healthy to consume.

Organic Xtra is the perfect blend of composted poultry manure, blood & bone, fish meal, seaweed, natural minerals & sulfate of potash. It is a premium, 100%
organic fertiliser.

It is fool proof to apply - you cannot overdose with Organic Xtra. It will not burn your plants, even if it is not watered in. Organic Xtra is suitable for use on every plant in your garden, making it a convenient, intelligent and economical choice. It is literally the only fertiliser you need.

Qld Organics developed Organic Xtra after consultation with horticultural and agricultural specialists who found that commercial organic fertilisers contained too much nitrogen and not enough potassium. Organic Xtra contains optimum levels of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (the NPK levels) to help ensure healthy plant growth.

Organic Xtra has:

  • a poultry manure base that is naturally, aerobically composted to kill pathogens and support healthy levels of beneficial micro-organisms
  • blood and bone and fish meal to supply slow release nitrogen and to boost phosphorus levels
  • sulfate of potash to support potassium levels without the adverse environmental effects of muriate-based potash
  • seaweed, fish meal, calcium and magnesium to boost and maintain at least 13 essential trace elements

Organix Xtra is:

  • dried gently after processing to further support beneficial micro-organisms and help the pellets break down properly after watering
  • pelleted to uniform size for easy use in fertiliser spreaders
  • sieved to minimise dust
  • certified by Biological Farmers of Australia, Australia’s foremost organic certification body
Product Analysis
Nitrogen (N) 4
Phosphorus (P) 1.5
Potassium (K) 3
Sulfur (S) 1.4
Calcium (Ca) 2.4
Also includes Iron, Magnesium, Copper, Boron, Manganese, Zinc, Molybdenum

Additional Information

Active Ingredient Strength No
Active Ingredient No
Brand No
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