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  • 1 Litre Crown 225SL Systemic Insecticide 1 Litre Crown 225SL Systemic Insecticide

1 Litre Crown 225SL Systemic Insecticide

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Crown 225SL Systemic Insecticide

Crown is designed for quicker and more effective control of sucking insects and fungus gnats. In trials with fungus gnats, Crown exceedingly outperformed other conventional formulations.

  • Completely systemic through root and leaf uptake 
  • Also works on contact with the pests
  • 100% knockdown within 50 minutes on many target pests
  • Provides effective control even at low application rates
  • Can combine with older insecticides to prevent resistance build-up


Crown is a systemic insecticide that works on contact with pests as well as systemically through root and leaf uptake. It is exclusively developed for use in ornamental horticulture and highly effective on sucking pests; acting on eggs, larvae and adults. It is best to apply Crown in the spring when plants start new growth and insects begin to emerge. 

Additional Information

Host / Environment Weed’s / Pest’s / Disease’s Treated
Azalea Azalea Lace Bug, Greenhouse Thrip
Fuchsia Greenhouse Whitefly, Silverleaf Whitefly
Gerbera Greenhouse Whitefly, Silverleaf Whitefly
Lilly Pilly Psyllid Or Lerp Insect
Marigold Leafhopper, Vegetable Leafhopper, Yellow Leafhopper
Orchid Citrus Mealy Bug
Ornamental Plant Citrus Mealy Bug, Green Coffee Scale, Greenhouse Whitefly, Nigra Scale, Plague Thrips, Pulvinaria Scale, Scale Insects, Silverleaf Whitefly
Palm Citrus Mealy Bug
Potting Mix, Compost, Manure Fungus Gnat, Shore Fly
Rose Rose Aphid

Additional Information

Active Ingredient Strength No
Active Ingredient Acetamiprid
Brand ICL Specialty Fertilisers
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