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Floracote Topdress + Iron - September 2019 Specials


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Video Transcript

Would you like to buy a slow release fertiliser that will give you complete turf nutrition & microbial activity enhancement in one application?

Hello, I’m Nick Hutchinson and I would like to share with you Combi Green seaweed compound granular fertiliser and why it’s such a fantastic product.

Combi Green is the perfect combination of seaweed extracts, slow release Nitrogen (Methylene Urea) & other nutrients that will give you healthy turf.

The slow release Nitrogen provides uniform growth between each mowing interval and also reduces the leaching of nutrient into the environment.

The seaweed extracts increases the biological activity of beneficial microbes which improves the physical and chemical properties of the soil.

Combi Green is available in both fairways and greens grade and the fully homogenised granules are both uniform in size & consistency which allows for a quick and efficient application.

Combi Green is something that many of you use and are very pleased with the results – it is a great product that we highly recommend.

In September 2019 we have a very special deal for you:

  • Buy 10, get 1 free 
  • Or buy a pallet and receive a 10% discount off our normal pallet price

Please contact us if you have any questions of would like to order.