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Growrite Bamboo Stakes & Flower Sticks - July 2019 Specials


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Video Transcript

The cold weather normally means a slowdown in business for most people within the horticultural world. Now, that can be a good thing as it does allow us to take stock and look at what we might need for the coming months

Hello, I’m Nick Hutchinson and I wanted to talk to you about Bamboo stakes and flower sticks, making sure you have plenty for all your upcoming needs.

We have been dealing with our supplier in China for close to 10 years now, so they know what is required for the Australian horticultural industry - making sure that consistency in sizing and continuous supply is met.

Now would be a great time to think about your requirements for bamboo stakes and flower sticks, because during July 2019 we have all sizes and diameters on promotion. If you buy 1-9 full bales, we will give you a saving of 10% but if you can buy 10 or more full bales, we will give you a 20% saving. 
Please make sure that you take advantage of this outstanding offer by either giving us a call, sending an email, ordering online or coming in to see us.

If stakes are of interest to you, please also ask us about our range of fibreglass stakes too.