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Sempra Nutgrass Killer (750g/kg Halosulfuron Methyl) 100g

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Sempra Herbicide

There’s an easier way to remove nutgrass and mullumbimby couch in turf.

Weeds controlled

  • Nutgrass
  • Mullumbimby Couch

Turf Species

Sempra is safe to apply on a range of turf species if applied as per label direction

When To Spray

Nutgrass: apply when new leaf growth is greater than 5cm
Mullumbimby Couch: apply when new leaf growth is greater than 2cm

  • Apply when weeds are actively growing
  • Apply follow -up treatments as required if sufficient new growth warrants treatment

Weed Control Symptoms

  • Weed foliage gradually turn yellow until total desiccation occurs.
  • Initial symptoms appear in 7 - 10 days with full weed control effects appearing over 4 to 6 weeks.

Sempra Application Rate

Boomspray: Sempra 65 - 130 g / ha plus 200mL / 100L water of a 600g / L non-ionic surfactant
Spot Spraying: Sempra 1.3 g/ 100 square metres plus 20mL / 10L water of a 600g / L non-ionic surfactant
N.B. An adjuvant must be used when applying Sempra

How To Spray - Boomspray

Rate: 65 - 130 g / ha
Water Volume: apply in at least 80L / ha minimum water volume
Nozzle Type: flat fan nozzles

How To Spray - Spot Spraying

Equipment: knapsack spray or handgun
Rate 1.3 g/ 100 square metres
Water Volume: mix rate in a volume of water eg. 10 litres that will treat 100 square metres


  • Part fill spray tank
  • Add Sempra gradually while under agitation
  • Add the surfactant near the end of the spray fill process to avoid excessive foaming
  • Use mixed spray solution within one day

Critical Comments
To maximise the performance of spray application.

  • Apply higher rates for dense weed conditions
  • If an adjuvant is not used poor weed control will occur
  • Do not apply after frosts have occurred
  • Irrigation or rainfall within 2 hours of application will reduce control
  • Do not mow for at least 2 days after treatment to ensure optimum control
  • Sempra may damage or delay establishment of newly seeded, sodded or sprigged turf that is not well established.
  • Sempra may damage or delay recovery of turf weakened by weather conditions or by physical damage such as scarification, coring, aeration or top dressing.

Withholding Period

  • Do not apply clippings from treated areas for mulch around fruit trees or vegetables
  • Do not feed treated grass clippings to poultry or other livestock
  • Do not allow grazing of treated turf.

Sempra Compatibility

Sempra is compatible with the following herbicides commonly used in turf:
Kamba M or other dicamba/MCPA formulations; Bromicide MA or other bromoxynil/MCPA formulations: Amicide 625, Amicide 625 Low Odour or other amine formulations of 2,4-D; Roundup, Roundup CT

Additional Information

Host / Environment APVMA Registered to Treat
Bent Grass - Bentgrass - Penncross, Buffalo Grass Lawn Or Turf - "Sir Walter Buffalo", Carpet Grass Lawn Or Turf - Broadleaf Carpet, Common Couch Lawn Or Turf - Bermuda Grass, Common Couch Lawn Or Turf - Established Turf, Common Couch Lawn Or Turf - Green Couch, Common Couch Lawn Or Turf - Indian Couch, Common Couch Lawn Or Turf - Indian Doub, Durban Grass - Established Turf, Durban Grass - Sweet Smother Grass, Hybrid Couch Grass Turf, Kikuyu Grass Lawn Or Turf, Perennial Ryegrass Turf, Queensland Blue Couch - Bent Queensland Blue, Queensland Blue Couch - Turf, Tall Fescue Mullumbimby Couch, Nutgrass - Victorian Nutgrass
Cotton-Shielded Or Directed Application. - Directed Handgun Application, Cotton-Shielded Or Directed Application. - Directed Knapsack Application, Cotton-Shielded Or Directed Application. - Shielded Handgun Application, Cotton-Shielded Or Directed Application. - Shielded Knapsack Application, Irrigated Cotton-Shielded Sprayer App., Maize - Sweet Corn , Sorghum, Sugar Cane - Inter-Row Spraying, Sugar Cane - Ratoon Sugar Cane, Sugar Cane - Sugarcane Nutgrass - Victorian Nutgrass
Pasture - Established - Bracharia Humidicola, Pasture - Established - Brachiara Decumbens, Pasture - Established - Pangola Spp, Pasture - Established - Setaria Spp Navua Sedge - Cyperus Aromaticus

Additional Information

Active Ingredient Strength No
Active Ingredient Halosulfuron-Methyl
Brand No
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