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  • Casoron 4G Pre-emergent Herbicide (40g/kg Dichlobenil) 10kg Bucket Casoron 4G Pre-emergent Herbicide (40g/kg Dichlobenil) 10kg Bucket

Casoron 4G Pre-emergent Herbicide (40g/kg Dichlobenil) 10kg Bucket

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Casoron 4G Pre-emergent Herbicide (40g/kg Dichlobenil) 10kg Bucket

Additional Information

Host / Environment APVMA Registered to Treat
Acacia Acinacea, Banksia, Birch, Blackcurrant, Box, Cedar, Cypress - Arizona Cypress, Cypress - Cupressus Arizonica, Cypress - Cupressus Glabra, Cypress - Macrocarpa, Cypress - Macrocarpa Hedge, Cypress - Monterey Cypress, Cypress - Smooth Arizona Cy, Eucalyptus Spp., Gardenia, Gooseberry, Hakea, Hawthorn, Hazel, Heath - Spanish Tree, Holly, Lawn, Lilly Pilly, Magnolia, Nursery Stock In Pots Or Field, Orchard - General - Apple Orchard, Orchard - General - Apricot Orchard, Orchard - General - Cherry Orchard, Orchard - General - Citrus Orchard, Orchard - General - Grapefruit Orchard, Orchard - General - Lemon Orchard, Orchard - General - Nashi Orchard, Orchard - General - Nectarine Orchard, Orchard - General - Orange Orchard, Orchard - General - Peach Orchard, Orchard - General - Pear Orchard, Orchard - General - Plum Orchard, Orchard - General - Pome Fruit Orchard, Orchard - General - Stone Fruit Orchard, Pine, Poplar, Raspberry, Rhododendron, Rose - Sturt'S Desert Rose, Shrub, Tea Tree - Tea-Tree, Tree, Willow Annual Broadleaf Weed, Annual Grass - Annual Grasses
Aquatic Areas Weed Control - See Label - Aquatic Weed Control Aquatic Weed - Water Weeds, Chara Spp., Milfoil Or Yarrow, Pondweed, Ribbon Weed - Eelweed
Commercial/Industrial Premises - Commercial And Industrial Areas, Commercial/Industrial Premises - Food Processing Establishments, Shops, Factories, Ships, Offices, Schools, Storerooms, Hospitals, Barracks, Commercial/Industrial Premises - Grain Storage, Commercial/Industrial Premises - Including Around Building Lines, Commercial/Industrial Premises - Premises Annual Weeds, Perennial Weed - Perennial Weeds

Additional Information

Active Ingredient Strength 40
Active Ingredient Dichlobenil
Brand No
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